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Digital solutions

We develop IT solutions to the smarter cities and societies of the future.

Digital solutions

Technology in the smarter cities and societies of the future

Digital solutions are playing an increasingly important role in the development of future cities and society. Sweco develops IT solutions and advises public and private sector clients on sustainable construction, environment, water, energy, roads and railways all over the world.

Our standardised IT solutions are primarily aimed at municipalities and utilities. We are proud that our digital solutions are used in all 98 municipalities in Denmark.

We also develop large, custom system solutions for the Danish state and regions and the private sector.

Software by Sweco

Sweco has been developing IT solutions for municipalities, agencies, regions and companies for many years.

This makes us one of the most experienced and preferred consultants on the Danish market today.

Spatial Suite Silkeborg
Spatial Suite kort
MiljøWeb Hjørring Municipality
En endnu gladere ko
Further development of Råstof-IT Danish regions
Køge Jorddepot oppefra 2

We develop larger, specially developed system solutions for both the Danish state, regions and privates.


Our digital solutions are used in all the country’s municipalities

Ea Møller Lunn

Ea Møller Lunn

Department Director / Digital Operations & Governance

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