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Kolding Bypark

Water, Energy & Industry


Our team of biologists and engineers have solid experience with natural and environmental issues and provide expert project solutions. We carry out tasks in close dialogue with the client to align expectations, and we work together to develop sustainable long-term solutions that promote a healthy biological environment.

As each project is unique, we always take into account the specific conditions and requirements of the project at hand. Our nature conservation and management services include property feasibility studies to determine how the affected landowners feel about a given project, and we advise the client and the landowner on land distribution and compensation issues.

Ålebækken Ruinpark Lyngby-Taarbæk
Ålebækken Ruinpark
Kolding Bypark Kolding
Kolding Bypark
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Lakes and rivers

Many water bodies are under pressure due to increased nutrient leaching and other human impact. We have extensive experience with restoring lakes and rivers and help our clients choose the best rehabilitation methods. We design projects that help to meet water body requirements in order to create better living conditions for animals and plants and a healthy ecosystem.

Nature restoration

We provide services related to nature restoration of both drylands and wetlands. With expertise ranging from botany and fauna to engineering, our team can assist with hydrological calculations and modelling as well as impact assessments and sizing of rivers and wetlands, among other things. The aim of our nature restoration projects is to create a natural environment that requires as little intervention as possible and has the highest possible level of biodiversity.

Natura 2000 and materiality assesment

We have vast experience with projects related to Natura 2000 sites and can assist with mapping and monitoring of flora and fauna, including Annex IV species, natural habitats and habitat types as well as protected species in designated areas.

Environmental impact assesment

The urban and social development calls for new major infrastructure projects which may impact the environment. We have considerable experience with environmental impact assessment reports, including Natura 2000 assessments, regulatory applications and natural and environmental investigations. Our team of professionals have all the expertise necessary for preparing environmental impact assessments. We take a comprehensive approach to every task and provide advice throughout the process.


Preserving or increasing biodiversity is a matter of course in any environmental project. Whether we restore rivers, establish spawning grounds and create natural hydrological conditions or help our clients draw up plans for managing natural areas, we know that biodiversity is crucial to a successful solution. The same goes for building projects where our biologists contribute knowledge and solutions with a firm focus on biodiversity.

Louise Skytte

Louise Skytte

Head of department / Environment