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Transportation & Infrastructure

Infrastructure operation and maintenance

Sweco’s Asset Management & Monitoring department advises on the operation and maintenance of infrastructure assets.

Sweco’s Asset Management & Monitoring department advises on the operation and maintenance of infrastructure assets – especially the road network, green areas and the piping and cabling networks. The advice our experts offer is based on over 50 years of knowledge and our goal of always being one step ahead.

Whether the motivation is professional, economic or political, it pays to have good, reliable data so that decisions can be made on an optimal basis and at the right time. But attractive and sustainable solutions that ensure quality and optimal total cost of ownership require good everyday tools. This is where our software solutions – RoSy, PARK and DriftWeb – come into the picture.

RoSy handles operation and maintenance of the road network

RoSy RAMS (Road Asset Management System) offers optimal maintenance of vehicle and bicycle lanes, sidewalks and other related assets. It provides an overview of the road network, so you can plan all activities in a timely manner and document what budget you need and how to best use it – up to 20 years at a time.

RoSy RAMS also offers solutions for processing excavation applications and access to public lands, for example if you wish to host a fitness run or bicycle race, or place a container.

Operation and maintenance of green areas using PARK and DriftWeb

Our PARK software solution provides a complete overview of all necessary information for each green asset – including budgets, manuals, future plans, condition requirements, operational responsibility and contracts with your business partners.

DriftWeb provides an overview of operational tasks that are planned or underway, for the road network and for green areas. DriftWeb shows what work has to be done and where and how to do it. You can subsequently document the task with images, hours spent and the status of the overall system. DriftWeb also makes it easy for citizens to report enquiries and monitor the status and activities on the municipality’s GIS map.

RoSy APMS future-proofs airport pavements

RoSy APMS (Airport Pavement Management System), ensures that airport pavements are strategically maintained. It provides an overview and all the necessary information to create action plans and necessary measures – for one or more airports, right down to individual elements such as the taxiway, runway or standing area.

RoSy APMS fulfils the international ASTM and ICAO standards. The system is based on the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) method described in ASTM Standard D53-40, and follows the guidelines from the FAA and US Army Corps of Engineers.

Falling weight reflectometers from Sweco

Sweco’s PRIMAX and PRIMA100 falling weight deflectometers were developed by our pavement experts, and are used by pavement engineers around the world to measure load capacity for road and airport pavements and to check the quality of unbound layers.

The falling weight deflectometer provides reliable data on the functional condition of your pavement structure, and the reinforcement requirement can be calculated in PRIMAX DESIGN – our analysis and back-calculation program. This gives you the best foundation for keeping pavements safe and well maintained for road users – for as long as possible and at the lowest possible cost.

All falling weight deflectometers from Sweco comply with international standards and offers the newest and most reliable technology.

PRIMAX and PRIMA100 Falling Weight Deflectometers comply with international standards

PRIMAX Falling Weight Deflectometers – trailer-mounted models

PRIMAX Falling Weight Deflectometers – van-integrated models

PRIMA100 Light Weight Deflectometer – portable FWD

Certified calibration center

We are an AASHTO-certified operator and offer calibration and service for falling weight deflectometers worldwide, to ensure you have a trustworthy and functional falling weight deflectometer.

Our test center and certified operators are tested annually by AASTHO, and we offer calibration according to the SHRP-LTPP AASHTO R32-20 protocol CEN ICS 93.020. Link to certified operators on AASHTO website.

Courses and user seminars

Software: We offer courses for all our software modules – RoSy, PARK and DriftWeb – so you can learn how to use the systems for calculating optimal maintenance solutions, dimensioning and the like.

Equipment: We offer courses on using and maintaining falling weight deflectometers (FWD, HWD and LWD).

User seminars and ERFA (experience exchange) groups: Our user seminars and ERFA groups allow you to share knowledge with other users and update your knowledge. They also offer us input into what we need to improve and further develop.

Support for equipment and software systems
Our support team is standing by if you have any questions about using software or equipment.

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Head of FWD Sales and Pavement Management
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Lars Østerbye

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