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Pullerter ved Amalienborg Slotsplads

Transportation & Infrastructure

Construction work

The cities of the future need smart solutions. This means more numerous and stringent requirements on the construction works we design. In addition to providing functionality, the projects must add architectural value in the urban space, house hidden structures and be sustainable. A busy city also usually requires that projects be implemented in the smallest possible space, so that roads and parking spaces are not blocked by construction works.

Sweco offers advice on all types of construction projects – from tunnels, bridges, ports, and foundations to parking facilities, roads and squares. We specialise in consultancy, covering preliminary studies to the design of construction projects – both for temporary and permanent structures. When we advise, we draw on new implementation methods that benefit neighbours and the surroundings. We inspect existing structures, and can design all types of concrete structures.

Amalienborg Palaca Square Copenhagen
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Cloudburst protection Copenhagen
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Underground structures and basement car parks

We are specialists in the design of tunnels and shafts, including harbour and marine facilities, car parks, storm water tunnels and overflow works. When designing underground structures in urban areas, it is important to perform risk assessment, risk management and groundwater management and to consider disruptions to neighbours, logistics, execution methods and sustainability. We advise in all disciplines, starting from the early design outline phase to preparation of the main project, and detailed demonstrations and construction management and inspection. We work closely with our water and energy department, and advise on storm water protection and coastal and climate protection solutions.

Together with our colleagues in hydraulics and water, we were responsible for storm water protection on Strandboulevarden in Copenhagen, relaying pipelines in connection with the Nordhavn metro and relaying the U4 pipeline at Levantkaj.

Sign portals, noise screens and horizontal shielding

We inspect and design sign portals for roads and motorways, including foundations and calculations for steel and life time. We advise public and private developers on noise screens, and can manage the entire process, including the initial phases, pegging out, calculations etc. We advise on horizontal shielding for bridges, including calculating dimensions and location, safety history for existing power lines, drawings and locations.

Area and terrorism protection for squares and roads

We have extensive experience with area and terrorism protection for squares and roads. Together with LYTT Architects, we were recently responsible for providing area and terrorism protection at Christiansborg Slotsplads and Amalienborg Slotsplads in Copenhagen. For this type of project, we assist in performing calculations and providing advice on structures and applicable standards and guidelines, as well as analysis, design and inspection at the sites.

Morten Leger

Morten Leger Larsen

Head of department / Railways / Bridges & Tunnels