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Construction Management and OHS

At Sweco, we find there are huge benefits to be gained from involving construction management and occupational health and safety in the design process – for example in connection with project scrutiny. This is because it is in the early phases that important and long-term decisions are made, and where we can contribute with our approach to sustainability and interface coordination.

Our construction management team assists and handles all aspects of execution in all types of building and construction projects. We ensure that the contracts are completed according to schedule, that the budget is adhered to, and that the agreed quality is met, while checking requirements and dealing with contingencies – all in cooperation with professional supervision, project follow-up and project management.

Our construction managers are, together with the project management, the link between your vision and successful implementation.

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OHS coordination

At Sweco, we offer professional OHS coordination during the design and execution stages, as well as authorised consultancy and training.

OHS during design, AMK (P)

We work systematically with process plans and risk assessment of the planned construction activities together with the design engineers. We follow up to ensure that risk-reduction measures are described and incorporated into the project material.

OHS during execution, AMK (B)

We collaborate and have close dialogue with the construction site, the supervisory bodies, the authorities and the contractors to identify potentially hazardous situations in good time. We also make a point of encouraging employees on the construction site to think about their own safety and that of others.

Notices from the Danish Working Environment Authority

Sweco offers authorised advice in all areas of occupational health and safety, and we ensure that the entire process is professionally handled, from notice to report.


At Sweco, we offer the statutory training for OHS representatives and coordinators, and we can help all types of companies comply with the legislation covering the further training of the OHS organisation and the facilitation of annual reviews. We have many years of experience in holding OHS courses for companies.

Stig Lohmann

Stig Lohmann-Devantier

Department Director / Developer Consultancy / Construction Management & OHS