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Water, Energy & Industry

Strategic concultancy

Our multidisciplinary team of specialists and consultants enable us to combine engineering services with strategic consultancy and meet the client’s needs at all levels of the organisation.

Technical expertise is especially important with respect to asset management where technical insight is combined with strategic perspectives for the client.

Strategisk rådgivning

Developer consultancy

We provide project management, consultancy and constructive feedback throughout the project, and advise on the tendering of consultancy services and construction work. Our specialists can help assess the technical, financial, environmental, operational and construction conditions for different scenarios before deciding whether to close or build new water treatment plants and when planning major infrastructure projects.

Asset Management

Asset management is a management tool that we use to assess where and how our clients can maximise their asset investments to limit wear and tear and underinvestments. We have data experts and asset management certified consultants, and can provide our clients with a data-driven decision-making basis. We also advise on how to set up asset management systems in the client’s organisation.

Due diligence

We conduct vendor and buyer due diligence covering technical and market assessment, pricing, O&M strategies, contracts assessment, asset management and risk management, environmental and social assessment as well as valuation of facilities and investment strategies.

Our due diligence teams are made up of experts from all over Europe, covering all required fields with global and local knowledge of the market, legislation, regulation, technical aspects and political insight. Our due diligence process gives the investor safety, knowledge and ability to make informed decisions and well-considered investments from a commercial, environmental, regulatory and technical point of view.


Putting together the right team and defining the right framework is critical to a project’s progress and success. We have specialists with experience in facilitating value-adding processes and workshops and help everyone involved get the project off to a good start. We interview the different stakeholders and identify critical participants in terms of knowledge and decision-making power to ensure that the process moves forward. We can also assist if a project does not move forward as planned.

Tender consultancy

We assist the developer with the tendering of construction contracts as service contracts, from programming, prequalification and definition of assessment criteria to procedure, tendering and negotiation with bidders and contracting.  Many consultancy providers need professional advice and partners who have experience with how to define the services needed. This is where we come in.

Carbon roadmap and carbon neutrality

More and more companies, local authorities and utilities are looking to reduce their carbon emissions and become carbon neutral driven by the UN’s sustainable development goals and Denmark’s climate goals. We analyse the company, identify a baseline for their carbon emissions and ways to reduce them as well as recommending the transformation and action needed to achieve this goal.  We facilitate the process and provide technical experts and know-how in order to identify the action needed.


We advise on CO2e emission calculations, projections, scenario analyses and climate neutrality. Our services also include advice on green certificate purchases or involvement in greenhouse gas reduction projects. We help our clients navigate the jungle of certificates (power, heat, gas, CERs etc.) to find the products that meet their needs. We also advise on building certification, development sites/urban districts and installations, with DGNB certification being one of our core areas of expertise.

Sector coupling

We provide sector coupling services within a range of areas, including electrification, heat pumps, PtX, hydrogen, CCS and CCU. Learn more about sector coupling here.

Klaus Rosendal

Klaus Rosendal

Head of Department / Water & Climate