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Career at Sweco

Transforming society together

Sweco is Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy. We plan and design cities and communities of the future.

Together with our clients, we create projects that address urbanization and digitalization and contribute to a more sustainable society.

Our consultancy ranges from the development of cities, buildings and green spaces to efficient and environmentally friendly transport solutions and large-scale water and energy projects. At Sweco in Denmark, you’ll have more than 1,500 colleagues.

Sweco is a Swedish-owned company with headquarters in Stockholm. We are 20,000 experts across Europe and every year we provide solutions in 70 countries around the world.

Sweco as a workplace

We are all different. That is one thing, we have in common

Not only do we believe that all of the experts within the construction industry should work together; we also believe we grow and become smarter by working – and thinking together. Our common goal is to create a more sustainable society.

That’s what we are striving towards. With all our professional and personal differences.

Responsibility is something you take

We give our employees responsibility and expect them to take action and make a difference. We do so because we believe that decisions should be made locally – as close to the projects as possible – by those who know the clients and the projects best.

In this way, we ensure the shortest path from conception to realisation of good ideas. Therefore, we also have a flat organisation where everyone who takes responsibility is given responsibility. Regardless of age and seniority.

Arbejdsgruppe i Sweco

A community based on diversity

We have a strong sense of community at Sweco

When working at Sweco, you may also take part in our many local activities, events and networks arranged by our employee associations. And in the same way that our professional backgrounds are different, the many initiatives reflect our personal differences and interests.

For example, if you are under 36 years old, you can join the SUM network. With SUM, you have the opportunity to get to know your colleagues across departments and disciplines, and to strengthen collaboration across disciplines and business areas.

Our staff associations also make arrangements on an ongoing basis, including city walks, wine or beer tasting as well as windsurfing and skiing at Amager Bakke, and there are several local running and soccer clubs at our offices around the country. And at our art club we meet once a year and showcase art from current Danish and international artists and galleries.

Engaged learning

We believe that most of the learning is done on the job through challenging work assignments and working with colleagues and clients. Consequently, you have the opportunity to participate actively in professional networks and to use the knowledge and experience of your colleagues in the form of sparring, feedback and mentoring.

As a new employee, you will be welcomed from day one on the job with onboarding courses and then ongoing learning activities, workshops and team days – whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced leader.

Læring og udvikling i Sweco
More than a workplace

At Sweco, we work to solve tomorrow’s challenges, and as an employee, you get the opportunity to work on large projects that make a difference in developing our cities and communities. It also means that the tasks can be challenging and our workdays busy.

We realize this, which is why we make sure that you have the best conditions in which to thrive in a creative, friendly work environment with very varied projects every day.

Sweco HQ atrium 3
Tegnestuen i Silkeborg
Tegnestuen i Willemoesgade
Management at Sweco

At Sweco, neither age nor seniority determine your chances of becoming a leader. Instead, the determining factor is your commitment, your willingness to take on responsibility, and your desire to make a difference for our clients, projects and your colleagues.

Space planning arkitekter
Sweco HQ atrium 2
Modelbyggeri i Silkeborg
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