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Building design and planning

We are involved in all phases of the project, and with our structured working methods, we steer complex projects in the right direction – either in the capacity of main consultant or as a consultant for one or more services in a construction project.​

With our holistic focus, we ensure that the load-bearing designs match the design of the building, its architectural qualities and the intended indoor climate.

We conduct analyses of existing buildings as well as the design of new buildings, and our experience is wide-ranging, from housing, business, infrastructure and sports facilities to hospitals and industrial buildings.

Selected projects

Sankt Joseph care center and senior housing Copenhagen
Sankt Joseph facade
Mineralvandsfabrikken Copenhagen
Mineralvandsfabrikken og Mineralvandshuset
Alsik Hotel & Spa Sønderborg
Hotel Alsik ved vandet


Our building designers create lasting buildings which are safe to live and work in. Whether we are working with concrete, wood, brick or advanced steel structures, we are involved in the preliminary design phase, where we develop concepts for statics and intelligent fire-protection strategies, which we carry through to detailed design and execution. With our digital 3D models and 3D analyses, we ensure an optimum and integrated design project which strengthens the project’s technical, functional and architectural qualities.


We help to achieve the highest possible comfort, health and efficiency for users. We are experienced in the design-engineering of HVAC across a wide spectrum of building projects, from residential and office buildings to complex hospital building projects, laboratories, process ventilation and industrial installations. Whether we are assisting with renovation, conversion or new construction, we use indoor climate simulations to support the right design decisions, and we conduct technical assessments and financial calculations to ensure sound decision-making.

Electrical installations

Fully functional electrical installations are crucial in any building. We advise on high voltage engineering disciplines, such as the design of conduit routes, power installations and main distribution boards, based on our experience from super hospitals, headquarters buildings, school and university buildings and infrastructure projects. We are involved from the first feasibility studies and main design engineering to the final follow-up and deficiency review, and we carry out all tasks with CAD/BIM technology while applying a holistic perspective and drawing on our in-depth know-how. We also advise on common low voltage installations, such as fibre-optic and data networks, indoor radio coverage and BMS and IBI installations.

Telecommunications, security and security systems

Our experts possess a full range of expertise within all building service systems related to telecommunications, security and security systems. Whether it relates to installations in historical buildings, a state-of-the-art office block or a hospital, we assist with everything from feasibility studies to design engineering and tendering to supervision, inspection and commissioning. We are certified in accordance with the security industry’s standards for impartial security consultants, and we are included on Insurance & Pension Denmark’s list of certified security consultants, see ISO 9001. In addition, many of our employees have security clearance to work for the Danish Defence Intelligence Service.

Energy optimisation and indoor climate

Indoor climate is key to comfort, health and efficiency. We help to find the right and most efficient solutions for each project, and we ensure that there is always a balance between energy consumption, indoor climate and technical solutions through an integrated design process. Our consultants strive to put together the most energy-efficient solutions based on passive design optimisation, intelligent management and sustainable building design, as well as the use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. We perform full dynamic analyses of thermal, atmospheric, acoustic and optical indoor climates. If particularly detailed analyses of temperature and air flows in a project are needed, we have the skills to conduct these analyses using CFD.

Light design

Lighting is essential to our experience of spaces and our well-being. At Sweco we work holistically with light. We integrate natural and artificial lighting as a balanced and natural part of the architecture, with a human focus.


Sound is one of the key factors that influences how we experience rooms and buildings, the working environment, learning and well-being. Good acoustic design involves understanding the customer’s wishes and the users’ needs, and translating these into functional architectural solutions.

Christian Corydon

Christian Corydon

Department Director / Buildings West