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Transport & Infrastructure

Bridges and tunnels

Our experts offer a wide range of consultancy services in relation to bridges and tunnels, including the design of new bridges and renovation of existing ones, as well as advice on bridge maintenance.

Our bridge experts work closely with our other experts at Sweco. We can therefore assist with all associated consultancy services, such as traffic planning, geotechnical studies and safety and environmental assessments, in connection with the new construction or renovation of a bridge or tunnel. We also perform inspections and assessments of damage and load-bearing capacity – frequently with the help of our proprietary bridge management system, RoSy BRIDGE.

Our team consists of 45 specialised advisors, based at our offices in Copenhagen and Odense, who advise private and public sector clients, such as municipalities, Banedanmark and the Danish Road Directorate.


specialized advisers

Kalundborgmotorvejen Regstrup
Randselva Bridge Norway
Randselva Bro med lastbil
The Fjord Connection Roskilde Fjord

Design of road and rail-bearing and bridges using concrete and steel

We have many years of experience in the design of road and rail-bearing bridges, and are particularly specialised in the design and construction of concrete bridges. We are at the forefront of utilising digital possibilities when designing bridges. Most recently, we were responsible for the parametric modelling of the Randselva Bridge in Norway, as part of a larger bridge and road construction project, together with our Sweco colleagues from Norway, Finland and Poland.

BIM og 3D modelling

We are a leader in digitisation, including BIM and 3D design of reinforcement for bridges and tunnels. We integrate BIM tools into our work to analyse, simulate and visualise projects, to create a more accurate and detailed set of drawings for all construction parties. Using digital models, we can optimise the amount of reinforcement needed. This includes optimising the locations of joints and anchors, and reducing the number of bends in reinforcing bars – and generally ensuring better data to optimise work on the construction site. This improves buildability, is good for the economy and can lower resource and transport consumption, reducing the environmental impact of the project.

Bridge renovation and repair

We can assist with the entire process, from inspecting and assessing the condition of existing bridges and structures, to planning and detailed design for bridge renovation projects of any size. We are specialists in assisting developers to prepare the design, tender documents and contracting, and can also perform construction management and supervision in connection with implementation.

We can help you with:

The design of road and rail-bearing bridges using concrete and steel

The design of footbridges made of wood, concrete and steel – often in cooperation with architects

Inspection of existing structures

Bridge renovation and repair

Construction management and supervision

BIM and 3D design

Third-party inspection and validation of road and rail bridges

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Søren Grubbe

Søren Grubbe Nielsen

Head of department / Bridges & Tunnels West
Morten Leger

Morten Leger Larsen

Head of department / Railways / Bridges & Tunnels