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Ålebækken Ruinpark

Water, Energy & Industry

Water and climate

We advise on all aspects of water management and transport and the problems and opportunities that a changing climate brings with it. We are involved throughout the process, from the initial project planning and design to execution and completion. We have many years of experience and focus on creating buildable, practicable solutions.

We seek to minimise the risks posed by everyday and extreme events with an eye to how our solutions can add recreational value. For example, how storm water and cloudburst management systems can be attractively integrated in urban spaces such as basins, skateparks, playgrounds or natural environments.

Sustainability is integrated into all our solutions – in our choice of materials and efforts to protect biodiversity – and we have a firm focus on carbon reductions.

Selected projects

Ålebækken Ruinpark Lyngby-Taarbæk
Ålebækken Ruinpark
Kolding Bypark Kolding
Kolding Bypark fra luften 2
Herningsholm Å Herning
Herningsholm Å oversvømmet
Climate resiliense in Erdenet Mongolia
Mongolsk by på slette

Storm water and wastewater systems

We design wells, pipe systems, pipelines and drains and advise on all aspects of municipal and household supply systems as well as road and rail projects. We are involved from the initial planning projects and have many years of experience with their practical execution. We use 3D design tools to avoid interfering with other underground installations.

Climate change adaptation and cloudburst protection

The increased amounts of rain and heavier rainfall we are expected to see in the future act as drivers for the entire water and wastewater sector. For Denmark this presents a challenge as our current systems and basins lack sufficient capacity to cope with the increasing levels of precipitation. These climate scenarios are taken into account when we size and plan pipelines, protect homes and other values against future extreme weather events – always with an eye to how our solutions can create lasting value.

In relation to climate change adaptation, we also focus on increased groundwater levels [link to Environment] and floods [link to INF] to design a comprehensive solution for the given project.

Hydraulic modelling

We have a nationwide team of specialists and are able to draw on a global network of colleagues. We help identify and screen flooding risk, conduct hydraulic analyses of drainage systems and groundwater and river modelling. We work across disciplines to ensure comprehensive and buildable solutions and work closely with our landscape architects to design climate-proof urban areas and blue-green solutions for storm water management and address complex hydraulic issues in construction projects.

Tunnelling and no-dig solutions

Urban climate protection often calls for underground tunnels that are capable of accommodating storm water or wastewater. The advantage is that the tunnel can be placed far below terrain where there are fewer constraints and restrictions than above terrain where our options are determined by existing traffic, businesses and buildings. As with all no-dig solutions, tunnelling places strict demands on feasibility studies – finding the right trade-off between pros and cons is key.  We conduct thorough risk analyses to make sure that the tunnelling is completed with as few known risks as possible.

Landscape design and urban spaces

Integrated consultancy is at the heart of our water, energy and environmental services. Our technical solutions are adapted to the context in which we work – be it an urban or natural setting. We provide a wide range of urban space and landscape design services with a focus on integrating technical installations and solutions that strengthen our blue-green infrastructure. We do this in a way that is accessible and safe for users and citizens and that creates tangible added value such as improved well-being, recreational opportunities and increased biodiversity.

SUDS (sustainable urban drainage systems)

With our team of landscape architects and water and environmental engineers, we have built up considerable experience in landscape-based storm water management and SUDS as a supplement or alternative to traditional sewer systems. The old systems are not capable of coping with the amounts of precipitation foreseen in the future, and many are in need of an upgrade. We turn the storm water challenge into an opportunity that enhances outdoor spaces and makes them greener for the benefit of people, the climate and nature.

Klaus Rosendal

Klaus Rosendal

Head of department / Water & Climate East
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Rani Shaba

Head of Department / Water & Climate / West