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Career at Sweco

Your opportunities as a student

To create better cities and communities for the future, collaboration across professions and educational backgrounds is necessary for both the young and experienced. Therefore, neither age nor seniority is crucial for your career opportunities with us. However, your commitment and desire to put your expertise into play, together with your colleagues, are important factors.

As a new employee at Sweco, you will experience how we welcome you from your first day with onboarding courses, and a manager and colleagues who are ready to share experiences and collaborate with you on your development and work tasks. You will also be assigned a “buddy” from team who will help you get started and introduce you to our systems, work processes, and social events.

Praktikant og mentor

Intern at Sweco – become a part of the team

At Sweco or Sweco Architects, we are always looking forward to hearing from students who wish to pursue an internship with us.

As an intern at Sweco, you become a part of the everyday life at Europe’s leading architecture and engineering company. Together with our clients, our engineers, architects and other specialists create solutions that address urbanization and digitization, and make our society more sustainable.

As an intern with us, you will be provided with a varied internship program that encompasses both traditional engineering areas and interdisciplinary areas. Our internship program includes:

An exciting and educational course that introduces you to a wide range of services we provide for our clients.

A strong basis to advance in higher education or embark on a career path.

Dedicated and skilled coworkers who enjoy sharing their knowledge.

A mentor you can seek guidance from during your internship.

An opportunity to network and collaborate with other interns from different departments and locations.

Learn more about your possibilities for an internship at Sweco Architects as an architect or constructing architect here:

Interested in an internship at Sweco?

As a student and newly graduate, you can get to know Sweco better through a series of activities and events throughout the year.

My desire has always been to work in a position that allows me to effect change, and Sweco provides me with plenty of opportunities to do so. In my projects, we focus on developing intelligent climate adaptation that not only spawns fresh urban spaces that encourage community, recreation, and education but also addresses a crucial social responsibility while advancing towards a more sustainable future.

Signe Boelsmand / Geographer and engineer

Signe Boelsmand

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