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Water, Energy & Industry

Industrial environment, Risk assessment and Noise

Our specialists advise on all aspects of the industrial environment, and we work with companies and government authorities alike.

Noise and vibration from industry are also an important area for government authorities, companies and neighbours. Acoustica (Sweco’s acoustics department) converts noise requirements and figures into a targeted, dynamic action plan for the company.

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Environmental applications and permits

We help prepare applications and environmental descriptions. We perform all necessary calculations and document that the expected conditions can be met. Once you get the draft permit for review, we can help assess whether the conditions are practically operational. We also assist government authorities in preparing draft permits and conditions.

Wastewater permits

We prepare applications for connection permits and discharge permits, and we help government authorities prepare permits and conditions.

Air pollution and odour

Our services cover all tasks related to air pollution and odour, including setting up measurement programmes, assessing measurement results, OMA calculations and technical and economic assessments of alternative methods of air purification.

OMA calculations

OMA calculations are one of our major areas of expertise. We have experience with all types of companies and plants, including biogas plants, emergency power generators, combustion plants, coating companies (dust and VOCs), the food industry, the metal industry, wastewater purification plants and asphalt factories.

Section 15b of the Danish Planning Act

We help developers and government authorities assess air pollution and odour in connection with new construction projects. If investment in remedial measures is necessary, we calculate both investment and operating costs.

High-risk companies

We prepare complete applications for category 2 companies (safety documents) and category 3 companies (safety reports). We help with the initial risk analysis, assist in preparing a safety management system, perform calculations and produce illustrations to document compliance with acceptance criteria, and help prepare an emergency response plan.

Environmental Due Diligence

In connection with buying and selling companies and sites, we perform complete environmental due diligence and price non-conformities based on current and future expected requirements.

Courses and training

We offer companies and government authorities customised courses on air pollution and odour, OMA calculations and the Risk and VOC Executive Order. All our courses are practically oriented and contain exercises that equip participants with real skills.

Industrial noise and vibration

Sweco has many years of experience with noise management and noise impact assessments from industry. We find the perfect solution for reducing noise, whether this involves a simple noise shield, dampening the noise emitted by a fan or replacing an old unit with a quieter new low-energy solution.

Vibrations adversely affect our comfort and the machinery’s operating conditions. Trouble-shooting, assessing and reducing vibrations requires the right equipment and vast experience. Sweco has both. We study, describe and resolve problems involving technical vibrations and mechanical acoustics.

Consultancy in the field of mechanical acoustics and vibrations also comprises vibration-insulating machinery set-ups and acoustic quieting to improve working environments. Sweco is an authorised occupational health and safety (OHS) consultant – also in the area of noise and vibrations generated by machinery.

Louise Skytte

Louise Skytte

Head of department / Environment
Morten Hell

Morten Hell

Department Manager / Acoustica / Lighting Design
Martin Jespersen

Martin Jespersen

Head of Department / Energy