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Our culture and workplace

Career at Sweco

A lofty workplace

At Sweco, you are helping to solve tomorrow’s challenges and as an employee, you have the opportunity to work on projects that make a difference in the development of our cities and society.

This also means that the tasks can be challenging. Recognizing this, we strive to create a culture with supportive and flexible frameworks for your well-being. In short, we want to give you the best opportunities to perform in an informal work environment and a flat organizational structure, where we can promise that those who take responsibility, get responsibility. Regardless of age and seniority.

We work in smaller teams – usually with a maximum of 15 employees, so there is time and space for interaction with your manager and colleagues. This also means that a team leader can be close to both customers, projects, and employees.

Your workplace
We have open, multifunctional workplaces in our offices that support interdisciplinary project collaboration and provide space for both focused work, collaboration with colleagues, and meetings with colleagues, clients, and partners.

“Fest og fagdage”
We highly value the professional and social community, and we celebrate our successes together with annual summer- and Christmas parties – as well as with local Friday bars and professional and team-oriented events.

Equal terms
We want a workplace where everyone has equal rights. To ensure this, we extend the same parental leave benefits to fathers and co-mothers as we do to mothers. As an employee, you have the option to take up to 24 weeks of paid leave.

Our canteens emphasizes organic and vegetarian choices, promoting good health. Additionally, we provide the convenience of purchasing take-away dinners.

The social aspect
At Sweco, we have a strong social community. As an employee, you can take part in the numerous events organized by our local employee associations – from fitness sessions and skiing trips to wine tastings and art auctions.

We trust that you and your manager know best how your work life should be organized so that you can make a difference for your projects and clients while being the best version of yourself in your personal life. Therefore, you agree on the framework for working from home and flexibility in your work life with your nearest manager.

Pension and health
Sweco offers a competitive pension plan, as well as comprehensive health insurance and healthcare options. These options include access to health centers throughout the country and our in-house clinics located in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Electric bicycles and cars
At our offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Odense, Silkeborg, and Herning, you can book electric bikes and hybrid cars, which can be used for construction site visits and customer meetings during weekdays. They can also be rented for private use on weekends.

I receive really good support and encouragement from my leaders in terms of career development, skills enhancement, and responsibilities. As a young, foreign and female professional, it has been great to have these opportunities and responsibilities at Sweco. It is truly valuable.


Raquel Alvarez / International / Project Manager

Raquel Alvarez

A community based on diversity

As an employee at Sweco, you have the opportunity to participate in our many local activities, events and networks driven by our active employee associations.

And just as we are professionally different, the many initiatives also reflect our personal differences and interests.

Clubs and networks

Our network dedicated to younger employees offers the chance to build relationships with colleagues from different departments and areas of expertise. Additionally, the network arranges various social gatherings, including Friday bars and other local events hosted at our offices across the country.

Our active employee clubs frequently arrange a variety of activities, such as city walks, wine or beer tastings, windsurfing and skiing on Amager Bakke, and there are several local running, yoga and football clubs at our offices. Every year we participate in We Bike to Work, DHL and other running events. Moreover, our art club convenes annually, allowing us to bid on contemporary art pieces from current Danish and international artists and galleries.

You can also take advantage of various employee discounts, including designer furniture, eyewear, and Tivoli cards.

Employee fund

At Sweco, we also have an employee fund that supports and helps improve the conditions for employees and their families. The fund offers assistance for various needs, including education and overseas study opportunities for employees and their children, social events organized by our employee associations, and expenses related to recovery or leisure activities following an employee’s or their family member’s illness.

Vores kultur og arbejdsplads i Sweco
Vores kultur og arbejdsplads i Sweco
Vores kultur og arbejdsplads i Sweco

I am often involved in organizing social and professional events. In the autum season, we went on a summer house trip together across divisions and office locations. It’s really cool to have the opportunity to create a social network with colleagues of the same age across disciplines – that way, it’s also easier to reach out to colleagues from other departments when you need to solve a professional task together.


Cecilie Lund / Infrastructure engineer / Roads in Aarhus

Cecilie Lund
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