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Water, Energy & Industry

Wastewater treatment

Many wastewater treatment plants are facing challenges caused by increased rainfall and continued urbanisation which put a strain on our sewer systems. In order to reduce the impact on these plants, we are working on several retention and pretreatment projects.

We also provide solutions to prevent harmful substances and wastewater from hospitals, such as radioactive isotopes and microplastics, from entering aquatic environments.

In recent years, we have made wastewater treatment plants more sustainable by implementing solutions that help convert the plants from energy-consuming to energy-producing plants, for example by supplying biogas to the City of Copenhagen.

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Sustainable heating supply for Lalandia Lalandia Søndervig
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Structural plan for wastewater management

Our consultancy is currently focused specifically on analysis and implementation of a future-proof structural plan for wastewater management. We aim to create a basis for making well-informed decisions to close small wastewater treatment plants, renovate existing plants, prolong their life or build new modern mega plants.

The work requires close cooperation with local decision-makers and users of the wastewater system to enable us to plan and implement the right solutions and avoid making bad investments. Sometimes the right solution is a modular expansion of a waterworks or wastewater treatment plant.

Liasing with authorities

We have vast experience with the regulatory process and all the required permits and authorisations in relation to noise, odours and OHS. We know what it takes and always make sure that we obtain the relevant permits in a timely manner.

Klaus Rosendal

Klaus Rosendal

Head of department / Water & Climate East
Thomas Fleurine Sørensen

Thomas Fleurine Sørensen

Head of Department / International