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Sweco is Northern Europe’s largest railway consultant, and our more than 140 expert rail consultants in Denmark and the Øresund region work together as a seamless workforce that can step in on any project throughout Denmark. Our railway consultants also work closely with our many experts in geoengineering, drainage and high voltage systems, and we can therefore offer comprehensive consultancy and design for the many sub-processes related to any rail project.


specialized railway consultants

Copenhagen – Ringsted Zeeland
Tog på KBH - Ringstedbanen
Carlsberg Station Copenhagen
Carlsberg Station

Our focus is on creating lasting, safe and cost-effective transport solutions and supporting safe and long-term rail traffic. We do everything from planning the re-laying of single tracks to tasks like designing complex shunting yards and station renovations.

We have been involved in some of the biggest track renewal projects in recent years, and we can help analyse, dimension, plan and design track systems for conventional and high-speed rail, as well as metro links and light rail.

Digitsation and 3D modelling

We model all our rail projects in 3D. This ensures that we can easily carry out regular quality checks and smoothly share information with the contractors, such as data on material quantities and excavation depths.

Railway safety, CMS and assessing

We have broad knowledge of railway safety and risk assessment and extensive experience with CSM, and work closely with Banedanmark to analyse and reduce hazards on classic track projects. We also draw on this experience to advise external developers on the necessary safety and precautions to take with construction projects close to railway lines, such as utilities projects, pipe or cable crossings or the construction of commercial buildings and car parks.

Track design: Construction, line routes and junction plans

We are specialists in creating the right track geometry, track design, line routes and junction plans. We handle horizontal and vertical alignment, cross-section, track and longitudinal profile plans, etc.

EIA and early stage track sketching

We can advise on EIA and sketching out tracks at an early stage, including advice on line routes. We work closely with our environment department which performs the investigation.

We are experts in:

Design and project management

Pipe and cable crossings

Stations, preparation works and platforms

Track power and high voltage systems

Safety systems

Occupational health and safety (OHS), including health and safety plans, screening of particularly hazardous work, design of access roads and workplace layout

Morten Leger

Morten Leger Larsen

Head of department / Railways / Bridges & Tunnels
Thomas Sørensen

Thomas Sørensen

Team Manager / Railways