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Learning and development

Learning and development

Active leaning

At Sweco, we believe that learning occurs through challenging tasks and collaboration with colleagues and clients. New employees are encouraged to participate in our professional networks and to use colleagues’ knowledge and experience through coaching, feedback, and mentoring.

As a new employee, you will also experience how we welcome you from the first day at work with onboarding courses and ongoing development talks, learning activities, workshops and professional days – no matter whether you are a recent graduate or experienced.

Læring og udvikling i Sweco
Praktik i Sweco
Læring og udvikling

Personalized career development

As an employee at Sweco, you are given the authority to make decisions, take action, and make a difference. We ensure that you receive adequate support to progress in the direction that fosters mutual growth and development for both you and our company.

In collaboration with your manager, you establish a growth-oriented development plan tailored to your expertise, whether you are a specialist, project manager, an aspiring leader or any other role.

You discuss your role, career aspirations, and development in scheduled follow-up meetings with your manager and through ongoing coaching and feedback that you receive from your immediate supervisor on a daily basis.

If you have ideas and visions that benefit the company, there is room to unfold. It is essential to take on responsibility and pursue growth, as you have the chance to explore various career paths and discover your true calling. If you show that you are good at something, you will also be allowed to take responsibility.


Henriette Falk Olesen
Competence Manager / DGNB auditor / Sweco Architects

Henriette Falk Olesen

Your development opportunities

At Sweco, we offer a range of internal training and development programs to our employees.

The Project Academy

We have developed our very own education and development program – The Project Academy, which collects our educational offerings aimed at the project organization, including a project management education.

As a specialist project or design manager at Sweco, you have the opportunity to enhance your skills through our project management education program. This program offers concrete planning tools and valuable guidance on managing project groups, personal leadership, and managing project progress. You will participate in a group comprised solely of Sweco employees, which also provides you with a good network among your project management colleagues at Sweco.

In addition to the project management education, you can participate in modules on topics such as project cost management, contract and insurance matters.

Leadership development

Lederudvikling i praksis (Pracitical Leadership Development) is our internal leadership training program aimed at strengthening future leaders in Sweco and ensuring that we have good leaders who have the tools to support the well-being of our employees.

Our belief is that a competent leader has the ability to unleash the potential that each employee and team possesses. Additionally, it is your responsibility to ensure the smooth running of operations, while also prioritizing continuous development. This task is challenging, which is why we place great importance on providing our leaders with opportunities for growth. As part of our commitment, we require team leaders to complete the five leadership training modules.

Thanks to Sweco’s leadership development program, I have enhanced my leadership skills and expanded my toolkit. This program has provided me with valuable insights into my leadership style and enabled me to learn from a diverse group of leaders with varying backgrounds. As a result, I have gained new knowledge and tools that will benefit both my team and Sweco as a whole.


Stinne Grøndal Bredkær
Project Manager / Team Manager / Infrastructure, Water and Environment

Stinne Grøndal Bredkær
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