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integrated consultancy


Developer consultancy

We serve as faithful and loyal advisors to developers in relation to construction projects, from the first ideas to handover and commissioning. We ensure that holistic, long-term and sustainable solutions are found for both public and private sector customers.

We are involved from the initial stages, as the project takes form and value creation occurs. We identify and handle risks, so that the developer has the best possible protection against losses and delays – from the design and construction phase to hand over and commissioning.

Sweco’s developer consultants work across disciplines and have direct access to a large national and international network of specialists, in fields such as architecture, sustainability, indoor climate, acoustics, fire protection, traffic, environment and geotechnical engineering.

Selected projects

DFDS new domicile Copenhagen
DFDS domicil i Nordhavn
Østerport Station Copenhagen
Østerport Station facade med tårn
Søndre Campus Copenhagen
KU Sønder Campus facade med bro
NordØ Copenhagen
NordØ - Sweco Danmark

Developer consultancy A-Z

Sweco provides developer consultancy services that strengthen you in your role as developer. Based on our broad architectural and technical knowledge and strong managerial competencies, we manage the construction process from start to finish, on time and with the right price and quality. We always have a strong focus on completing projects at the right time, with the right price and the right quality.

Our services cover all phases of a project, from initial clarification to commissioning the completed project. The framework for implementing the project is set during the initial phases. We ensure and define strategies that support implementation of the project. As the project is fleshed out, we ensure that the set requirements are incorporated and met. We do this during the planning, execution and commissioning, through supervision and project management. This broad knowledge package includes:

Proposal and construction programming

Performing the necessary feasibility studies

Priced risk assessments

Successive calculation, budgeting and financial management

Process planning and scheduling – from the general plan down to the details

Construction management

Tender consultancy and strategies

We ensure cohesion between all tender documents and organise tender processes and strategies that meet the developer’s requirements from start to finish. We also ensure that all documents are precise and unambiguous for bidders.

Tenant consultancy

When you need to enter into a leasing contract as a tenant, we look after your interests and ensure that your requirements and expectations are met. We act as your partner, and handle the dialogue with the lessor, consultant and builders from the outset, until your premises are ready for you to move in. If the premises do not fulfil what was agreed, we ensure the matter is raised with the lessor, so it can be resolved.

Citizen and user involvement

When planning and executing a project, it is important that stakeholders such as citizens, users and decision-makers are involved in a timely and relevant way that creates value. We start involvement processes by analysing the values and needs that you as a developer and the project’s stakeholders have in relation to the project, so we can manage, accommodate and care for the project’s stakeholders. The result is that everyone feels that they are heard, involved and contribute to creating value for the project along the way.

Cost and risk management

The success of a project, in terms of both economics and quality, depends on the project’s risk profile being optimally handled. Sweco therefore conducts risk analyses and assessments, to correctly price the project from the outset, so that all uncertainties and risks are covered. Risk management begins in the early stages of a project and continues throughout.

ICT and digitalisation

Read about our work with ICT and digitalisation here

Purchase and sale of properties, TDD

We assist with technical due diligence in connection with Danish and international real estate transactions. We advise investors, developers and tenants on new construction and renovation, and the purchase and sale of real estate. We clarify the condition, opportunities and risks of the property through a holistic analysis. The paramount advantage of technical due diligence is that it prepares the recipient to make a qualified decision on whether to invest in or divest the asset.