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The green transformation is the driving force behind the development of tomorrow’s energy system. Our consultancy services focus on how our solutions can be successfully integrated into a flexible energy system and work across sectors.

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Strategic consultancy

Our strategic consultancy offering also includes asset management and due diligence services.

Electrification will play an increasingly prominent role in the green transformation in step with the electrification of not only heat supply but the energy system as a whole. This development is top-of-mind when helping our clients make energy strategic decisions or assisting them from planning and implementation to execution and supervision.

Energy strategy and planning

We work with our clients to identify planning requirements and address challenges to ensure that our clients are well prepared to deal with the requirements of tomorrow’s energy system. We can also help to develop a heat strategy or a carbon roadmap with detailed steps to reach carbon neutrality.

Energy systems and production

We provide developer consultancy services to provide assistance with everything from design, preparation of tender documents, supplier contracting and construction management, supervision and OHS. With the demands of tomorrow’s energy system in mind, we also work with our clients to identify the need for an upgrade of existing production systems to ready them for the future. We explore the possibilities for sector coupling and energy storage, as this can help to balance and smooth production.

Sector coupling

We provide sector coupling services within a range of areas, including electrification, heat pumps, PtX, hydrogen, CCS and CCU. Learn more about sector coupling here.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency helps to save energy and money, make the most of the resources available, while also benefiting the environment. We help our clients improve energy efficiency by optimising energy infrastructure, sector integration, industrial installations and production facilities as well as small building systems.  We take a comprehensive approach to the task and use digital tools to identify the need for improvements at system and component level.

Martin Jespersen

Martin Jespersen

Head of Department / Energy