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Transport & Infrastructure

Port and marine facilities

Danish harbours are traffic and logistical hubs, which are essential to the mobility of society. At Sweco, we seek to create harbour environments that also provide recreational spaces for well-being, and are also equipped to handle the more extreme weather conditions of the future. That is why Sweco’s harbour team work closely with their colleagues who are specialists in geoengineering, coastal and climate protection and landscape architecture.

Our experienced advisors have broad harbour competences, in relation to feasibility studies, handling regulatory authorities, design, condition assessment and renovation tasks. This means that we can assist during all phases of a project – from idea to detailed design, execution and follow-up.

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Harbour facilities

We plan and design all types of harbours, from small privately owned marinas and fishery harbours, to ferry terminals, traffic harbours and container terminals. Regardless of the size of the project, we ensure it is thought-out and contains no surprises, with a focus on delivering economically optimised and buildable projects, where we think about implementation already during the design phase.

Transformation of former commercial harbour areas

We have extensive experience in transforming former industrial ports into attractive new recreational urban environments and residential areas. We help with the many factors that need to be considered when an old industrial site is to be rejuvenated, such as condition assessment for existing structures, analysis of soil and groundwater conditions and the establishment of new recreational maritime environments.

Coastal land deposits and land reclamation

We offer advice on the establishment of coastal land depots and land reclamation projects, and can handle the entire range of activities, from early investigations to EIAs and developer consultancy.

Offshore foundations

We offer developer consultancy and design for most types of offshore foundations, such as for wind turbines, substations, construction of artificial islands in connection with new bridges, and other types of offshore structures. Together with our geoengineering team, we can also conduct geotechnical studies for the project.

Condition assessment for harbour facilities

We have many years of experience in planning and performing condition assessments of all types of harbour structures. We inspect and review the condition of the harbour, prepare a condition report, propose repairs and improvements, and provide a capital expenditure estimate. We can also move the project ahead to design and tendering, and provide operation and maintenance plans for the ongoing maintenance of the harbour.

Renovation of wharf structures and piers

Sweco has extensive experience with the renovation of wharf structures, piers and pier heads. We always strive for a high level of re-use in our renovation projects, so that existing materials serve the same or a new function in the new structure.

Managing regulatory dialogue and marine environmental impact assessments

Under most turnkey contractors, we assist the developer and contractor in managing the regulatory dialogue, and planning and coordinating the regulatory process, and are responsible for obtaining permits from the authorities, such as the Danish Coastal Authority. Our experts can also perform environmental screenings and impact assessments.

Martin Møller

Martin Møller

Head of department / Harbour & Geotechnics West
Tore Lucht

Tore Lucht

Department Director / Harbour & Geoengineering