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Axel Tower under opførelse 3


Axel Towers

DGNB Gold certification, commissioning and extended client supervision

In connection with the construction of a new headquarters for the law firm Gorrissen Federspiel, the client, ATP Properties, wanted to combine a DGNB certification with a commissioning process and an extended client supervision to ensure a high level of quality.

On Axeltorv 2 in Copenhagen is the iconic building, Axel Towers, which consists of a total of five towers with varying heights from 28 to 61 meters in the height of the 15th floor. The total area is 40,200 m² distributed with 23,000 m² above ground and 17,200 m² basement – the latter is five storeys deep and contains a parking facility. The majority of the area serves as the domicile of the law firm Gorrissen Federspiel, while the remaining area is used as office, retail and leisure.

Axel Tower under opførelse 2
Axel Towers
ATP Ejendomme
Ejendomsselskabet Axeltorv 2 P/S I ATP Ejendomme
40.200 m2
Commissioning and DGNB certification
Züblin, Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter A/S

Optimized operating situation

Sweco’s consulting includes commissioning, and the project’s main focus has been to ensure the contexts of the technical installations and a future optimized operating situation across the project’s various actors. Sweco’s role in the construction was largely about ensuring quality in the construction based on the requirements of the construction program. The requirements of the construction program were formulated in such a way that they were measurable and verifiable and thus easy to follow throughout the construction period.

Sweco’s task also consisted of contributing to the structure of the process prerequisites and assessing the technical installations, ventilation, automation and fire technical installations.

A DGNB certification has been carried out in combination with this, so that activities in DGNB, which are also to be carried out in connection with commissioning and client supervision, were merged. In connection with the commissioning task, Sweco provided services in accordance with the examination of project material, sparring of test paradigms, meeting attendance in connection with supervision and activities and observation of tests and examination of test results, as well as ensuring operation and maintenance material upon delivery.

Solutions that meet the client’s requirements

The commissioning work was anchored directly under the client as client advice, and the process was to ensure that the solutions used lived up to the client’s requirements, or that the client was informed about the stage at handover. This ensured a high level of quality and a reasonable security around a delivery business.