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Nørreport Station by night


Renovation of Nørreport Station

Transformation of Nørreport into a modern station building

Every day, about 250,000 people commute through Nørreport Station in Copenhagen by train, bus, metro, bicycle or on foot, making it Denmark’s busiest station. A comprehensive transformation has met the needs of commuters and made the area a safe, efficient and modern transport hub.

The aim of renovating Ny Nørreport was to transform the station into an easy-to-navigate and safe space for the many passengers and passers-by.

Copenhagen Municipality, Bane Danmark, DSB Ejendomme
12.000 m2
Design management, design of all engineering disciplines, lighting design, fire protection consultancy, OHS coordination, professional supervision and construction management
Advisory role
Lead consultant
COBE og Gottlieb Paludan Architects
UN Sustainability Goals 3, 5, 9, 11 og 16

Ventilation and focus on commuter movements

To ensure good air quality in the long-distance tunnel, the air must be constantly replaced, putting high demands on the underground ventilation system. The rejuvenation of the ventilation system has helped to ensure cleaner and fresher air for underground passengers. Eleven ventilation towers loom up at street-level and serve as lighting and digital information columns at the same time.

The renovation also focused on the bicycle parking, and the need for easy access between the different transport options, so that all combinations are readily accessible to travellers. The bus stops are located close to the stairs down to the suburban, regional and intercity trains and the metro. A new metro staircase that connects the metro with the rest of the station has made it possible to move directly between the various trains and the metro.

Nørreport Station cykelparkering
Nørreport Station perron
Nørreport Station detalje

Lighting design creates secure atmosphere

The lighting design at Ny Nørreport consists of a number of elegant and innovative solutions and elements. Together these accentuate the iconic character of the site, make navigation easier and create a secure atmosphere. The same is true underground on the long-distance platform, where Sweco was responsible for the lighting design, which won the Danish Light Prize in 2016.

Nørreport Station med trafik