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Sankt Joseph facade


Saint Joseph care centre and senior housing

Senior housing and care centre in conservation-worthy convent

Saint Joseph convent on Strandvejen in Copenhagen was built in 1904-05 by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chambéry Catholic order as a classic convent building, with the church and the three wings surrounding an inner courtyard and a covered walkway. The order sold the entire complex to Lejerbo København (now BO-VEST) in 2014, subject to the provision that the buildings would be used for a care centre and senior housing.

Enemærke & Petersen
12.000 m2
Engineering project, partial professional supervision, commissioning and OHS coordination
Advisory role
Consultant engineer to turnkey contractor
Enemærke & Petersen A/S, Rubow Arkitekter A/S
UN Sustainability Goals 3, 7, 11, 12 og 15

Conservation-worthy building now serves our elderly

The exteriors of the existing convent buildings have been preserved, and restored to their original appearance to some extent, while the interiors have been renovated: The buildings contain service areas, units and common areas for a senior community with 33 dwellings, a total of 4,000 m². A new 8,000 m² building has been built which contains the main entrance and foyer of the care centre, as well as 92 nursing home units with associated common areas and a production kitchen.

The existing church has been converted into a cultural centre for the local area, with a café and stage facilities that can be used by residents of the care centre and senior community, as well as local residents. The church gallery is used as a space for contemplation.

A new courtyard has been established between the three new wings. Much of the original vegetation in the rest of the garden has been preserved, and a barbecue setting, areas for outdoor fitness training and garden paths have been added. The convent wall has been preserved and underscores the history of the site, while also making it safe for residents with dementia to move freely between the residence, cultural centre and recreational gardens.

Sankt Joseph ydergang
Sankt Joseph sal

Materials and sustainability

The new building matches the original convent, with brick facades and a slate roof. The roof has been designed with a sloping surface towards the perimeter, and flat, green roofs facing the courtyard. The facades feature short sections that jut out/are recessed in relation to each other. All nursing home units face the perimeter and have bay windows, providing natural light and views, as well as balconies facing the courtyard.

The sustainability of the project has been well documented under the DGNB system. The buildings have an energy efficient climate shield and meet the requirements of energy class 2020. The facade to the east is fitted with noise-insulating windows, which ensure low indoor noise levels with both open and closed windows.

Sankt Joseph gårdhave