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Frederikshavn Havn oppefra


Frederikshavn Harbour

Expansion of Frederikshavn Harbour

As lead consultant to Aarsleff, Sweco has performed all the calculations required for construction of the last two major expansions to the harbour, including a groundbreaking and environmentally safe recycling facility for scrapping ships and drilling rigs in Frederikshavn. Sweco has been involved in the harbour expansion in Frederikshavn in two stages since 2015.

With the new facilities, the harbour has been able to receive ships up to 330 metres in length since 2018. The new wharves also make it possible to receive goods in larger quantities, and larger tankers.

Aarsleff A/S
Approx. 50 acres
Verdensmål 8, 12 og 14
Aarsleff A/S

The second stage was launched in parallel, with the establishment of another wharf at the harbour. Part of the new wharf was fitted out with a very large ship ramp, and a decommissioning area was established for servicing and scrapping offshore drilling rigs and installations. This has created extra jobs for local maritime businesses.

The marine structures thereby included 3.6 kilometres of new outer piers and two new pier heads, as well as 1000 metres of new wharves, fitted with fenders, bollards and ladders. The water depth of the harbour basin, channel and dock was extended to 14 metres, and the 2.8 million cubic metres of dredged material was used for land reclamation via replenishment. The marine structures also included wharf surfacing (solid pavement and gravel surfaces with a sealed underlying membrane). There were also access and service roads, lighting and electricity supply for wharf power outlets, water supply for ships, drainage and waste water handling from ships.

Frederikshavn Havn oppefra
Frederikshavn Havn oppefra med vindmøller

Skidding area with Denmark’s largest ship ramp

The works consist of a new skidding area – a transport system designed to withstand an extreme load of 60 tonnes per square metre when retiring ships and drilling rigs are dragged ashore, disassembled and used for new purposes. The skidding area is part of the 290,000 m² area that the M.A.R.S. Europe recycling shipyard has leased. This also contains Denmark’s largest and deepest ship ramp, 9,540 m2 in size, with two 1,000-tonne winch foundations, that can handle two large ships on the ramp at the same time.

The area is founded on 2,300 40 x 40 cm concrete piles over 20 meters in length, and reinforced with a thick concrete slab along the wharf. The area is thus designed to withstand very heavy loads, such as ships, drilling rigs and platforms. M.A.R.S.’ stipulated special/strict requirements in relation to deformations.

In addition to the large scale and the many tonnes of load capacity the area had to handle, the project was unique by being the first skidding area established on loose-soil fill.

200 new jobs with a focus on recycling

With the new recycling facility, Frederikshavn has created a workplace with a focus on safety and sustainability. This is expected to create up to 200 new jobs based around the circular economy. The site will be the focal point for the largest scale recycling of offshore installations in Denmark’s history.

Frederikshavn Havn oppefra