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Sweco Transform Award finalists 2022

Sweco Transform Award 2022

Meet the finalists from the Sweco Transform Award 2022

Christian Reese

Christian Simon Reese Reinholdt Andersen
Arkitektskolen i Aarhus
Sustainability: Material matters – Making in a fragile World

A Non-Linear Land of Human Beings (Inuit Nunaat), The Inter-Connection of Trash and Treasure.

Jacob Jørgensen

Jacob Matthiesen Jørgensen
Arkitektskolen i Aarhus
Urban Design & Landscape Architecture

Kystens foranderlige landskab – Adaptive landskabsscenarier for Thorsminde og Nissum Fjord.

Morten Stistrup og Leo Gamborg

Morten Stistrup og Leo Gamborg Heinzl
Aarhus Universitet
Civil and architectural engineering

LCA tool for mass modelling – research and framework.

Karoline Østergaard, Lis Dall og Katrine Mitzi

Karoline Østergaard, Lis Dall og Katrine Mitzi
Aalborg Universitet
Architectural Engineering

Frederiksberg Hospital. Socially and environmentally sustainable transformation of existing buildings.

Sune Lund Bunke og Frederik Lykkeberg

Sune Lund Bunke og Frederik Lykkeberg
Det Kongelige Akademi

P2X Rødbyhavn – ved vejs ende.

Sweco Transform Award 2022

Winner 2022

Jacob Jørgensen from Arkitektskolen Aarhus was named the winner of the Sweco Transform Award 2022. After rounds of presentations from the five well-chosen finalists and thorough voting, the jury was able to reveal the winner with the reasoning:

“We were fascinated by Jacob’s way of challenging our normal approach to the climate-adapting our cities, coasts and fjords. With Thorsminde and Nissum Fjord as focal points, he did away with the habit of protecting the coast at all costs. Instead, he showed how we can invite the water in and use it actively as a resource in a coastal landscape, which historically has nevertheless been changeable. At the same time, Jacob delivered a professional and convincing pitch on stage in Sweco’s atrium.”

Jacob is now employed in Sweco Architects’ landscape department.

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Emilie Holmbo Jensen

Emilie Holmbo Jensen

Communications partner
Anton Broholm

Anton Broholm

Digital communication partner