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Mjøstårnet facadedetaljer


Build sustainably with wood

Sweco is the most experienced firm of consultants in the Nordics at advising on wood buildings – our work with wood in Norway, Sweden and Finland in particular goes back many years.

In Denmark, our architects and engineers draw on the experience, skills and specialist expertise of our more than 500 Nordic colleagues working with the design and construction of wood buildings.

Similarly, our Danish experts have been involved in Nordic wood projects, such as Mjøstårnet in Norway, which at 85 metres high and spanning 18 storeys is the world’s tallest wood building.

Knudrisrækkerne Aarhus
knudrisrækkerne streetview
Eastern- and Western Sea Resort Silkeborg
Østre-Vestre Søbad fra luften 2

Wood construction at height

Sweco is the European consultancy firm with most experience at constructing tall wooden buildings (more than four storeys), and therefore we have unique knowledge at our disposal about how wood behaves in tall buildings. We cooperate with Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, which is conducting research into the use of wood as a building material, and we have a Nordic knowledge centre at our disposal which we draw on for Danish projects.

With experts within fire, moisture, design, acoustics, indoor climate, energy and security, we can address any concerns anyone might have about constructing tall buildings in wood while also clarifying and realising all the advantages.

We want to raise people’s awareness and increase the use of wood in various applications. Countless combination possibilities exist, and we are able to advise on the most value-creating combinations in any project with all the expertise gathered in one place.

Building in wood must contribute to climate objectives

Backed by our international experience and expertise, we can offer the widest and most relevant advice on using wood as a construction material in Denmark. It is our ambition to promote the use of wood as a building material in order to contribute to the UN’s and Denmark’s climate goals and CO2 reductions.


Advantages of building with wood

Wood contributes to reducing a building’s significant carbon emissions. Wood absorbs carbon when it grows, and stores carbon when it is being used

Wood is a less energy-intensive material to work with in production, which therefore emits less CO2

Wood is a renewable resource unlike many other materials in construction

Wood weighs less, which makes it easier to transport and build with. It also means that we can build with wood in places where we cannot build in concrete

Wood has considerable aesthetic advantages, and can help to create a healthy indoor climate

There is less moisture, dust and noise when we build with wood, which is good for both tradesmen and neighbours

Lars Bork

Lars Bork Hansen

Division Director / Buildings