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Sustainable operations advice

Building registrations and inspections

Buildings are in constant use, leading to wear and tear with economic impacts. A building inspection can give you an overview of the condition of your buildings or your property portfolio.

During a building review, we help define focus areas (such as climate shield, technical systems and installations). We define criteria and the level of detail in cooperation with our customers. We have specialists in all disciplines – including building systems, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), electricity and HVAC. We can also identify energy optimisations, profitability and sustainability initiatives and recommendations.

Building inspections are for anyone who wants an assessment of the condition of their building and an overview of necessary maintenance and investments in a defined period (e.g. 0-30 years). We have experience in building inspections and condition assessments for major (over 100,000 m²) private and public sector property portfolios, schools, the defence forces, the Danish Building and Property Agency and the like.

Selecting an FM system (Butler, Dalux, DBD, MdocFM, Mainmanager, Caretaker, etc.)

Establishing success criteria and identifying focus areas, and providing recommendations for implementation

Performing building registration (climate shield, technical systems and terrain)

Project management and registration for large portfolios and managing future uncertainties/risks

Creating an overview of registration and recommendations for future investments and maintenance

Implementing digital handover from the construction phase of renovation/extension/new building projects to the operations organisation

Advice on setting up a help desk function and fault reporting

Entering data from the building inspection in the chosen FM system

Rigshospitalet, The North Wing Copenhagen
Nordfløjen facade
New Nørreport Copenhagen
Nørreport Station med trafik
Axel Tower Copenhagen
Axel Tower under opførelse

Building experts

Our building experts perform buyer and seller inspections and Technical Due Diligence (TDD). These identify risk areas and building damage.

Energy labelling, energy optimisation, DGNB and sustainability

Our 10 energy consultants are certified to perform energy labelling under the Energy Labelling Scheme (ELS), with the aim of identifying viable energy optimisation opportunities. This is mandatory by law for residential properties, office properties, administration properties and institutions.

Energy optimisation reduces the environmental impact and improves the overall economy and reliability of supply. Sweco helps to find the right and most efficient optimisation solution by registering monthly energy consumption and identifying possible energy savings within a realistic budget.

Sweco performs green screening and DGNB certification and makes additional sustainability recommendations for existing and new buildings.