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Sustainable operation advice

Building operations

Optimised building operations support healthy economics and sustainable operation. At Sweco we are experts in ensuring the quality of building operations. We see it as our most important task to ensure the developer has optimised operations and operating costs, that fulfil the developer’s requirements for factors such as indoor climate, sustainability, energy consumption and operating costs. ​

Rent an engineer from Sweco

Poor indoor climate is a known problem in many properties, and often the result of an inadequate focus on the technical systems. With optimised building operations, we can optimise the indoor climate, reduce energy consumption and achieve big savings on the bottom line, simultaneously. We therefore offer a helping hand to optimise operation of the technical systems in your property. We call this ‘Rent an engineer’.

When you rent one of our experienced engineers, they inspect the systems and then make suggestions for how you can reduce energy consumption, cut operating costs, etc. Our engineer may also make an adjustment or perform regular maintenance.

If the building already has someone responsible for building operations, our engineer can gradually transfer knowledge and training, to equip this person to eventually handle the task without external assistance.

In buildings that have a SCADA system to monitor the systems, we can also help to monitor operations online. The advantage of this is that we are alerted to disruptions by notifications and can immediately begin to resolve the problem, remotely, even outside normal working hours.

Digital handover and Butler

Digital handover of operating and maintenance material is now a requirement in the public sector, and many private sector developers also want the benefits of digital records rather than a physical archive.

There are also significant savings to be made by digitally handing over operating and maintenance materials. Our many experts in operations, maintenance and commissioning, together with our BIM and ICT managers, can help structure the digital operating and maintenance materials.

We use Butler, our own web-based O&M system, to ensure the quality of digital handover. Butler enables us to prevent errors and misunderstandings. This contributes to direct savings and a substantial reduction in the time spent on the handover process.

Jan Urhammer

Jan Urhammer

Team Manager / Installations