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Operations advice

Building Management Systems – BMS

Efficient interactive coordination of a building’s installations ensures a proper indoor climate and keeps operating costs down.

Building Management Systems (BMS) create optimum connectivity by means of centralised building controls, settings and monitoring, and provide operational data for the continuous troubleshooting and optimisation processes. Overall, a BMS ensures the most sustainable operation of the building.

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Danske Bank facade

Is your company losing money due to a poor indoor climate?

An efficient building management system can be enormously valuable when it works well, and cause just as many problems when it doesn’t. However, for a relatively modest investment, building owners can enjoy significant benefits in the form of energy and operational savings and smoother operations by getting the mechanical and electrical systems to work better together.

We get all the building’s technical systems to work together

At Sweco, we specialise in building automation. All our specialists have practical experience with BMS, and we can handle all the standard Danish products for BMS, PLC and building automation as well as large global system suppliers.

Optimisation and replacement of process monsystems

The interfaces between building automation and processing plants are often linked – for example in the pharmaceutical industry. We therefore also advise on the optimisation and replacement of processing plant.

Carsten Werner Lund

Carsten Werner Lund

Team Manager / Electrical Installations
Theis Tristan

Theis Tristan Nielsen

Team Manager / BMS/CTS, CAD and Operational Optimization