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Frederikshavn Havn oppefra med vindmøller



As Europe’s leading adviser, we want to take responsibility for builders and contractors getting help to realize infrastructure projects with the least possible inconvenience to the climate and environment – with respect for the time and budget framework.

With our extensive experience, interdisciplinary knowledge, digital approach and international network of experts, Sweco is a creative and progressive partner for clients and contractors who are keen to optimise the time, economy and carbon emissions of their projects.

Frederikshavn Harbour Frederikshavn
Frederikshavn Havn oppefra
Randselva Bridge Norway
Randselva Bro med lastbil
Kalundborg Motorway – south of Regstrup Regstrup
Kalundborgmotorvejen afkørsel 2

Optimum infrastructure projects

We have established that the optimum infrastructure project is characterised by the consultants, clients and contractors making informed choices early in the design and planning phase. Therefore, we are implementing a close and involving process which establishes the best possible solution space for the project’s time, economy and carbon footprint. In the early stages of the project, we look at the choice of method and the project’s buildability, at how we can optimise quantities and materials, and whether we can recycle existing resources.

Evaluation tool for sustainable infrastructure

Using our evaluation tool for sustainable infrastructure, it is possible to compare typical solutions from projects according to selected sustainability parameters, and thereby make choices in the project on an informed basis. We also work with digital planning tools such as BIM Vision, LCA and LCC, PAS2080 – Carbon Management and Geokalkyl.

During the design phase, we use BIM, 3D models and parametric modelling, and we develop drawing-free projects that minimise errors, save time and ensure correct and timely material procurement.

We draw on an international network of colleagues and experts, and our ambition is to be recognised as the consulting firm in Denmark that best creates value for clients and contractors by optimising time, economy and carbon footprint in an infrastructure project.

Michael Jepsen

Michael Jepsen

Project Director / Infrastructure, Water & Environment
Jes Hansen

Jes Hansen

Division Director / Infrastructure, Water & Environment