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Rendering af UN17 Village


UN17 Village

A village that concludes Ørestad towards the south.

A highly ambitious project is currently taking shape in Ørestad, as the UN17 Village is being developed.

The construction is among the first in the world to utilize a comprehensive approach that fully integrates and addresses all SDGs.

In progress
35.000 m²
Lendager | MOE | CG Jensen
Sweco Architects

Upon completion, UN17 Village shall emerge as a new and significant landmark in Ørestad, signifying the conclusion of a quarter of a century of neighborhood development in Copenhagen.

Comprising of five distinct buildings, the construction spans across a total area of 35,000 sqm and caters to a wide range of residents including young graduates, families of varying types, and senior citizens. This diverse mix of occupants forms the foundation of a vibrant and robust community and neighborhood.

Upon completion of the project in 2023/2024, UN17 Village will house 535 residences, accommodating a total of more than 1,100 residents.

UN17 Village will be DGNB-certified to Gold/Platinum level with DGNB Heart and WELL certifications.

The project has been developed by NREP in collaboration with Sweco Architects, Lendager Group, MOE, and C.G. Jensen.

The human scale

UN17 Village is based on the human scale, and therefore the vision is to downsize the traditional city block into smaller, vibrant neighborhoods with inner courtyards and passages.

The facades of the five buildings in UN17 Village are all designed based on a concept of diversity, identity, and community. Each of the five block buildings has its distinctive identity, which is expressed concretely through various color profiles and architectural expressions.

All buildings share a common feature of a horizontal façade division that presents a modernized version of classical references, reminiscent of the historical block buildings in Copenhagen.


Rendering af UN17 Village