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UN17 Village

A sustainable village will complete Ørestad to the south

UN17 Village will get a unique location at the tip of Ørestad – “Spidsen” – that is characterized by its very special location in the transition between Ørestad’s buildings and the vast nature of Amager Fælled. The project will complete the last 25 years of development of the Copenhagen district Ørestad South.


UN Sustainable Goals

The first project to implement tangible solutions for all of UN’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) in one building project.

In progress
35.000 m²
Lendager | MOE | CG Jensen
Sweco Architects
All 17 UN Sustainable Goals

When the construction is completed in 2024, it will house more than 1,100 residents in 535 homes and rise as a significant landmark for Ørestad in Copenhagen.

UN17 Village has been developed by NREP in collaboration with Sweco Architects, Lendager, MOE and CG Jensen.

A visionary village in Ørestad

The total area of ​​the building of 35,000 sqm will consist of five very different squares that complement each other. Each building is targeted at different residents from young graduates, across different family types to senior housing. There will be small apartments for singles, homes that combine work and leisure, as well as more traditional family homes.

The buildings are grouped around common areas including restaurants for residents and people who come by, a health clinic which will focus on the residents’ health and well-being and a health center with a fitness center. In addition, there is a sharing center, which will serve as a gathering place and inspiration for a sustainable lifestyle based on circular economy.

The idea is to create a village with different housing typologies that cater to residents across generations and changing family patterns. UN17 Village is designed with a focus on safety, the immediate environment and with many facilities and places where the area’s residents can meet in social contexts.

UN17 aims to become the first Danish residential building to be certified according to the American health scheme WELL.

The project further expects to achieve the new award DGNB Heart, which will be a proof of thorough anchoring of health parameters as part of the sustainability system.

A catalog of sustainable solutions

The work on sustainability in UN17 has resulted in a catalog of more than 200 solutions that address the 17 world goals in various ways. The solutions are prioritized to achieve the most sustainability for the money, and they form a tool that everyone in and outside the industry can be freely inspired by.

The five squares in UN17 Village will each have a common function on the ground floor, while on two of the roof surfaces, greenhouses will be established, which will be both communal houses and meeting places.

To cater to different user groups, the building will house family homes, community homes, flexible housing, minimal housing and senior communities. Each type of housing will also accommodate disabled housing according to an objective of embracing the diversity of society.

The roof will accommodate 1,700 square meters of solar cells, and the building is designed to collect more than 1 million. liters of rainwater per year for recycling and recreational use.

In its entirety, the sustainability strategy can be divided into six material themes, each with its own vision:

Health: UN17 Village has Denmark’s healthiest housing, which meets aspects of physical, mental and social health.

Community: UN17 Village creates local, regional and global partnerships and develops a district that promotes a diverse and cohesive network of communities.

Materials: UN17 Village shows the way forward in sustainable material selection based on circular economy and resource efficiency.

Biodiversity: UN17 Village creates an urban environment with high biodiversity that maximizes the integration of local urban nature.

Water: UN17 Village utilizes rainwater as a valuable local resource and contributes positively to water quality locally and regionally.

Energy: UN17 Village uses renewable energy sources and reduces energy consumption in production and operation.