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Rød lagerbygning


The Red Warehouse

A new icon in Carlsberg City

The large red brick building in Carlsberg Byen has long been empty and today appears partly as a ruin. A comprehensive transformation of the warehouse building is now being initiated, which with the addition of a modern superstructure in glass is transformed into a modern office domicile with approx. 400 jobs.

6000 m² | 4.300 m² basement

Rød Lagerbygning is centrally located in Carlsberg Byen near Carlsberg’s newly built headquarters, Carl Jacobsens Have and the old brewmaster’s residence. The large building appears today – despite its dilapidated condition – with a number of architectural qualities, where, among other things. has used red, hand-painted bricks throughout the facade wall, which also contains many details and finely executed transitions with cornices, sole benches and decorative elements. Based on a gentle and conservative approach, the vision for the project is that the large warehouse building is transformed into a modern office environment with space for approx. 400 employees and with the possibility of an outward-looking function such as a shop or showroom.

A main task in the transformation of Rød Lagerbygning is to provide enough daylight for the many employees who get their daily walk in the building. This is solved by involving the building’s difficult-to-use roof, by replacing it with a light and contemporary superstructure, which will include the deep skunk room under the roof and form a full floor. To ensure sufficient daylight in the deep rooms, the superstructure is established with glass facades. The new superstructure opens to the south as a trellis and enclosed terrace, where employees can walk directly from the new office premises. In addition, a large roof terrace will be established on the roof of the building.

In addition, two new atrium spaces – together with the opening of the north façade and new slatted windows – ensure sufficient daylight for the lower floors.

Rød lagerbygning inde
Rød lagerbygning vinduer

Reinterpretation of original facades

Rød Lagerbygning’s facades, which in several places appear worn and damaged as a result of partial demolition of the building to the north, are re-established in the transformation as a reinterpretation of the original masonry facades, so that the building is still a natural part of the area’s architecture and history.

The ruined north façade is thus reinterpreted with a new masonry façade with large arched window sections. This ensures sufficient daylight while maintaining the masonry building base. In some places, new window openers are also being established in the existing façade.

The two-level protected basements are included for secondary functions. The beautiful vaulted corridors in the lower basement are made functional by ensuring escape route conditions, so that the rooms can be used for showrooms, for example.

Samlet set vil Rød Lagerbygning efter transformationen fremstå som en ikonisk bygning i Carlsberg Byen, hvor nyt og gammelt er tydeligt adskilt, men alligevel udført i et samlet harmonisk bygningsværk, der sikrer, at bygningen kan benyttes i mange år fremover.

Rød lagerbygning vinduer