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Autimatisk adresseopdatering


TDC – Automatic updates to master address database

Daily updates to addresses in customer master address database

TDC uses addresses in their daily work with customers, broadband, TV packages etc. All TDC IT systems use address data from the same master address database. This database has been updated each month by Sweco for many years, using data from OIS (a public information server). OIS ceased to exist in 2020, and TDC therefore needed to update the addresses by other means.

IT development

Automatic address update system

Sweco developed a new IT system for TDC, consisting of multiple services that retrieve all events on address objects from Datafordeleren. It then reviews these events and ensures that addresses and roads in TDC’s master address database are updated in line with the data in the public registers (DAR and BBR). This includes things like the creation of new addresses and roads, removal of addresses, changes in road names, changes in house numbers, floors, etc. In addition to data from Datafordeleren, Sweco’s system retrieves data from the road status register (CVF) and updates the road status for all addresses, so TDC can see whether a road is private, public or shared private. This data is important during excavation work and the like.

The system Sweco developed allows TDC to manually create road and address entries if they plan or perform tasks on roads in newly built neighbourhoods or the like, where the address has not yet been created in the public registers. Once the address has been created in the public registers, the system is designed to change the manual address to the official address.

The system issues notification emails about successful actions, and also when errors are found in data from the public registers or if an update fails. Errors found in the public data are collected and sent to Datafordeleren every 14 days, so that the people responsible for the public registers can correct these. The system is coded in .Net using an Oracle database.

New addresses ready to use

The new system gives TDC an address database which is constantly up-to-date with changes made to Danish addresses. This means that TDC has direct access to up-to-date addresses in their administrative and customer systems, soon after changes are implemented in the public registers. This is a vast improvement over the previous system, under which it could take more than a month before changes were reflected in their system. The new system also means there is less need to manually create address entries, which has eased TDC’s workflow.