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Atriet i Sweco HQ


Sweco HQ

A sustainable domicile with focus on working environment and interdisciplinary collaboration

In 2018, Sweco Denmark moved into a new head office in Copenhagen. Today, approximately 800 employees have the DGNB Gold-certified office domicile of 11,500 square metres as their daily workplace. Here, Sweco’s own interior architects, lighting designers, acousticians, facilities management experts and DGNB consultants have been actively involved in designing the domicile, which was built by Skanska and designed by Holscher Nordberg Architects. Sweco has itself been the project planning engineer on the building project.


Skanska A/S
Holscher Nordberg Architects | Skanska
11.500 m2
Building design and planning, acoustics, lighting design, fire consulting, sustainability, space planning and interior design
UN Sustainability Goals 3, 6, 7, 11 and 12
Solskin i Sweco HQ
Solskin i Atriet i Sweco HQ

Interior design that supports collaboration and innovation

The ambition behind the new head office has been to create a sustainable and up-to-date office environment. Here, Sweco’s space planners and interior architects have developed a concept for the interior design that supports the collaboration between different disciplines – a central part of our strategy – and thus encourages innovation and creativity in the joint projects for the clients. The choice of sustainable materials, optimal daylight conditions, lighting design and acoustics contribute to a healthy working environment. Following the relocation to the new office domicil in Ørestad, surveys show a marked increase in employee satisfaction.

Gold in sustainability

Sweco’s DGNB consultants have been responsible for the GGNB Gold certification of the domicile. The certification means that the building is optimised in terms of, for example, energy consumption, indoor climate and sustainable operation. Water-saving toilets and fittings reduce water consumption, a well-insulated and compact building envelope screen ensures optimised energy consumption, a solar cell system on the roof produces its own energy, while light, temperature and ventilation are automatically regulated as needed.

The domicile is a low-energy building that meets the ambitious Building Class 2020 from Danish Building Regulations BR10, which results in a very energy efficient house. In addition, the indoor climate of the building has been designed using full dynamic indoor climate simulations, resulting in a comfortable and healthy indoor climate.

Over 90% of the wooden materials used in the building come from sustainable forestry, while the building’s large window sections and focus on daylight help reduce energy consumption.

Storskærmen i Atriet i Sweco HQ
Optimal operation ensures carbon emission reductions and good economy

The relocation to a new and modern head office has resulted in a number of improvements, including greater energy efficiency, less resource consumption, minimisation of environmental and climate impacts, as well as cost reductions through optimised operating costs. Sweco’s own web-based Facilities Management system, BUTLER, has been used in connection with digital delivery of the building and its future operation. The system contributes to, for example, minimal resource consumption on follow-up and continuous quality assurance of the large office domicile. A requirement for DGNB certification also entails that the building collects data and is well documented – and BUTLER helps ensure this.

Den store trappe i Sweco HQ