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Den gamle kystlinje går gennem Korsør bymidte


Surge barrier for Korsør city centre

Sweco is adapting the city’s surge barrier to the future hydrodynamics

Korsør lies on the south west edge of Zealand. As a city with a maritime history it is in close proximity to the sea, and will become more exposed to storm surges and high tides in the future.

In progress
Slagelse Municipality
Length of the surge barrier: Approx. 1300 m
Approx. 1300 m.
Design, ICT management, OHS, Urban spaces and integrated solutions, Liaising with authorities, Sustainability management, Tendering and contracting, Construction management and supervision, EIA screening
Slagelse Municipality
UN Sustainability Goals 11, 12, 13, 15 and 17

Sweco is helping Slagelse Municipality make Korsør city centre able to withstand increasing pressure from the sea in the form of waves and the elevated water levels expected in the future. The project is being based on the UN global goals, with a focus on reducing CO2, responsible consumption and production, climate footprint and biodiversity.

Sweco is adapting the surge barrier to the future hydrodynamics by protecting the city centre from a 100-year event, projected forward to 2070. Solutions will be based on Sweco’s regional hydraulic model, storm surge statistics, climate scenarios, expected sea level rises and land raising measures.

Ophold ved kystsikringen i Korsør bymidte

By creating opportunities for various types of recreation, we are inviting city residents and visitors to spend time discovering the city’s special qualities, such as its strong maritime history. The recreational area will have the surge barrier as a backdrop, while seating could be arranged by reusing old oak beams, reminiscent of maritime structures.

Green pockets
De grønne lommer ved kystsikringen

Pockets of greenery will provide habitats for flora and fauna, while helping to create colourful intimate spaces and fragrance experiences. The green pockets will soften up the hard, paved urban spaces, especially on the eastern side of the city centre. Coastal species can also be selected, creating interaction between the barrier and the old coastline.

Surge barrier position as historical witness
Formidling via kystsikringen i Korsør bymidte

Sweco has proposed that the route of the surge barrier be based on the historical coastline. The surge barrier can thereby serve a communicative purpose, looking back on history, while also looking forward – in a unified narrative about humans and the sea.

Sustainability and climate goals

The project works extensively with recycling and recyclability, reducing resource consumption and the climate footprint. The project thus supports Slagelse Municipality’s sustainability strategy and climate goals.

Sweco is designing the solution from a life cycle perspective, using Sweco’s Sustainable Infrastructure Evaluation Tool and incorporating knowledge from the ‘Sustainable Concrete’ initiative.

In order to support the ‘Life on land’ global goal, the project gives priority to solutions that enhance the city’s biodiversity index by supporting the microclimate and biodiversity. Both during the construction phase and operation of the surge barrier.

The surge barrier, which also serves as an urban space element, will be planted with as much vegetation as possible. It offers inviting recreational opportunities, while also being communicative and instructive. The line of the surge barrier is based on the old coastline, so that it serves as a historical witness. It is hoped that it will give people a better understanding of the city’s historical development, while also promoting new use of the city’s coastal urban spaces. We call it ‘surge protection with a historical narrative’.

To ensure local support for the project, major efforts will be made to involve the authorities, the marina, the port, landowners (in relation to cost sharing), the local council and business council, the harbour arcade, the city centre group, tourists, etc.