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Spatial Suite

Silkeborg Municipality

Spatial Suite

Bringing geographic data into play

Spatial Suite is Sweco’s complete web-based GIS solution for presenting, digitising and analysing geographic data. The solution is one of the leading platforms in Denmark and Sweden and is used by a large number of municipalities, utility companies, government agencies and private companies, including Silkeborg Municipality.

The Spatial Suite solution provides an overview of your organisation’s geographic data, as well as access to public data and tools to support various workflows in organisations, such as internal case management and digitisation. It is also possible to customise Spatial Suite’s tools and themes to suit a given organisation.

Silkeborg Municipality has the Spatial Suite enterprise solution, which provides access to the majority of modules and tools in the Spatial Suite portfolio.

Silkeborg Municipality
Silkeborg Municipality
IT Solution, Spatial Suite

Benefits of Spatial Suite

Spatial Suite has given Silkeborg Municipality an even better overview of both public and internal data. The solution gives the municipality uniform views of maps and geographical data for their case workers, and helps guarantee that the data seen and used is authoritative. Management of GIS products, that were previously spread across several suppliers, has also been simplified.

“Users are generally more self-sufficient, as the interface is familiar and easy for them to use, compared to DesktopGIS that we used before, which often required expert knowledge,” says Reno Aagaard Lindberg, GIS Coordinator, Silkeborg Municipality.