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Sørestranda Skole

Ikornnes, Norway

Sørestranda School

A modern school located between the Norwegian fjords and mountains

Sørestranda School is a Norwegian primary school located in beautiful natural surroundings with room for approx. 180 students.

The school’s volume structure refers to the landscape context with the forest, the landscape and the view, and with its shape defines three different outdoor spaces with distinct qualities. The roof gives the building a characteristic shape that plays against the surroundings with a dynamic expression. The facade is clad in pine, which contrasts with colored glass sections that create identity and give the building a playful expression.

Sørestranda Skole i sneen
Sørestranda Skole i sneen
Ikornnes, Norway
Sykkylven Kommune
3.450 m²
In’By Landskabsarkitekter | COWI
Sørestranda Skole

The school has three entrances and a gym with an auditorium. The school’s learning areas are located on the building’s 1st floor with group rooms, cloakroom and after-school care. Special rooms, teacher workplaces and administration are located on the second floor of the building.

Central functions such as library, music, gym and kiosk are linked to this and activate the space. The main vestibule’s second level relates to special specialist classrooms, meeting rooms and administrative space for the heart of the building. The special rooms are flexible and easily accessible and placed in relation to their functions and needs.