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Brøndby Strand

Brøndby Strand

Renovation of iconic high-rise buidings

The renovation of the high-rise buildings in Brøndby Strand Parks is part of one of the largest renovation projects in Danish history, totaling seven high-rise buildings and surrounding low-rise buildings.

The aim is to develop the area into the up-to-date and attractive district it has the potential to become, with a focus on relationships and a strong local identity.

Brøndby Strand
Brøndby Boligselskab | Lejerbo
Total advisor
24.000 sqm.

Brøndby Boligselskab and Lejerbo have appointed Sweco’s team of architects and engineers specializing in public housing as overall advisers on the renovation of the housing association’s four high-rise buildings in Brøndby Stand. The renovation is part of the comprehensive plan HP4, which will develop the Brøndby Strand Parks into a coherent and vibrant district.

Sweco are, among other things, responsible for planning and coordinating the renovation of the departments’ combined four high-rise buildings on 16 floors through all project phases. The associated nearby outdoor areas and parking garages must also be renovated.

Brøndby Strand is one of the most important works of Danish welfare architecture. With the renovation, Sweco must lift the high-rise buildings with respect for both the residents’ wishes and the resident democratic process, the original architecture and ensure the greatest possible value within the financial framework.

The renovation of the four high-rise buildings under Brøndby Boligselskab includes, among other things, energy renovation of facades and roofs, replacement of installations and technical systems as well as furnishing of common areas/lobbies and nearby outdoor areas with a focus on increased safety and quality. There is also a focus on handling environmentally hazardous substances.


The renovation of the four high-rises roughly covers:

Roof repair

New facades with solar cells and covered balconies

New wooden floors (department 606 partially)

New bathroom floors with membrane

Accessibility housing (departments 605 and 607)

New lobbies and renovated arrivals areas

Ventilation with heat recovery

New heating pipes, radiators, water pipes and electrical panels, etc.

Renovation of elevators

Outdoor areas adjacent to the high-rise buildings