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Papirtårnet i Silkeborg - Sweco Architects



Architecture with references to the area’s industrial history

11,380 square meters, 70 meters and 23 floors – Papirtårnet will be a distinctive residential building in central Silkeborg.

The crown of the industrial-historical district

The attractive residential building will be the crowning achievement of the industrial-historical district Papirfabrikken, which we have transformed over the past twenty years from a disused paper mill to a district that brings together business, housing and culture in a dynamic combination.

Realised, 2020
Aberdeen Asset
11.380 sqm.
Architectural consultancy

Papirtårnet (The Paper Tower) is named after Papirfabrikken (The Paper Factory), which is located as the building’s closest neighbor – the industrial building around which the whole of Silkeborg once arose.

With its 70 meters, Papirtårnet is in every way a distinctive building located in scenic, suburban surroundings. The high-rise building stands out clearly in the lower surroundings, and acquires a modern character and a distinctive architecture that is clearly connected with Papirfabrikkens identity. The special history of the area is reflected in Papirtårnets architecture and materials, where hard-burnt bricks in reddish tones give an industrial look and match the existing buildings.

Facades in flaming bricks

The facades are divided into smaller fields of flaming bricks that break down the high-rise building’s distinctive scale. The brick fields create a variety of patterns and a play in the reddish tones of the tile, while the placement of the windows is combined vertically over two floors – this results in dynamic composition and a beautiful play of shadows on the facade. The façade’s masonry and glass sections are experienced differently, depending on whether you are far from or close to the building, and the sober but finely detailed masonry surfaces and dimensions refer to the industrial scale, character and history that characterize the entire area. At ground level, the building’s base is open and inviting inside, so that life is created in and around the building.

Papirtårnet i Silkeborg - Sweco Architects