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Nørrestrand naturareal



Landscape village with green meadows and visible rainwater management

To the north of Horsens in East Jutland, sitting high up in the landscape and surrounded by fields and meadows lies Nørrestrand – one of the biggest nature and urban development projects in Denmark. Soon the site will have approx. 450 homes – a large-scale project.

Birch Ejendomme
225.000 m2
Nørrestrand udeareal
Nørrestrand landskabsplan

The vision for Nørrestrand is to create a new kind of urban district – a landscape village – where we draw the meadows around Nørrestrand in between the various neighbourhoods and housing enclaves while retaining the unspoiltness of the local landscape.

The natural environment is supported by the visible management of rainwater, which is channelled into a system of meandering streams, rainwater beds and ponds. The rainwater solution thus provides the necessary drainage while creating recreational ‘blue’ spaces for the benefit of the area’s future residents.

The 450 homes in the district will include, for example, terraced housing, single-family homes as well as blocks of flats. The varied sizes and types of homes will attract a diverse mix of residents. Divided up into smaller enclaves, the different types of housing will be designed with their own unique identity and look.

The residents of Nørrestrand can look forward to living in close proximity to nature, and to following the changing seasons as evidenced by the fluctuating volumes of rainwater in the nearby ponds and streams, and by the changing diverse vegetation over the year.

Nørrestrand model

Integrated consulting

Sweco and Sweco Architects´integrated design team, which is developing the Nørrestrand area together, comprises architects, landscape architects, highway engineers, rainwater specialists, geotechnicians and biologists.