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Nordlys rendering


New Norlys domicile

Norlys’ new office domicile provides a cohesive workspace for 700 employees, overlooking Limfjorden.

Sweco’s architects will act as architectural advisers when Norlys consolidates all of its activities in North Jutland on Aalborg’s waterfront. We, along with A. Enggaard and NIRAS, have secured the project, which will provide an exciting new workplace for approximately 700 employees.

The 12,000 m² building will be situated in the first row towards Limfjorden, making it a prominent feature on Aalborg’s skyline and a noteworthy icon on the waterfront.

Architetural consultancy
Approx. 12.000 m2
Expected to be realized in 2024
Atrium hos Nordlys

A cohesive domicile certified with DGNB Gold.

The concept for Norlys’ new headquarters is based on an architectural, a functional, and a sustainable approach to the building’s design. The form is processed so that all three topics are combined into one cohesive office building.

The shape of the building is slanted towards Limfjorden and the north, maximizing the number of workspaces with a view to the water. This is a desirable feature for employees and helps prevent overheating – 85% of all workspaces have a view of Limfjorden. Each floor in the building offers a unique experience due to varying layouts and sizes. The atrium serves as the building’s hub, fostering a vibrant atmosphere with lively activity and inter-floor views and diverse functions promote cross-departmental collaboration and synergy.

The welcoming appearance of the 12,000 m2 building upon arrival from the city is due to the angle of its roof, which blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Additionally, the sloping roof looks verdant and natural. Solar panels are incorporated into the upper section of the south-facing roof surface.