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Netto Åbyhøj

Much more than just a grocery store

Our retail specialists have renovated, designed, and implemented the new concept of the grocery store in the existing premises located on Silkeborgvej in Åbyhøj. Our team has optimized the store layout, customer flow, storage, and staff facilities while gently renovating the facade.

In 2022, Aarhus Municipality recognized Netto on Silkeborgvej for its exceptional adaptation of its facade and signage to the surrounding environment.

“The award emphasizes the significance of stores perceiving themselves as a crucial component of the surrounding communities. They play a role in shaping the community’s character, facilitate social gatherings, and have the potential to significantly impact the area’s aesthetic appeal through architectural design.”

Realised, 2022
Innovater and Netto
Architectural consultancy
Netto Åbyhøj
Netto Åbyhøj