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Marie Mørks Skole


Marie Mørks School

A new lower secondary school house with a roof terrace as a extension to the existing Marie Mørks School. The area must be usable as a social venue outside classes.

Marie Mørks School
1.100 m²
Capital expenditure
21,3 mio. kr
Architecht and lead consultant
User process, sketching, design, project management, design management, ICT management, professional supervision, construction management, management of time and finances, total economic calculations
Aksel V. Jensen | BOGL
Marie Mørks Skole
Marie Mørks Skole

A holistic architectural approach

The new building and outdoor areas of the lower secondary school house are an expression of an overall holistic approach aimed at meeting functional requirements while also being very aware of the immediate surroundings. The planning has taken into consideration external factors such as local plan, traffic noise and sunlight, and incorporates an intention to link the new building closely with the other existing buildings of the school. This interrelation is cultivated not only functionally and logistically, but also in the form of the choice of materials and detail motifs when designing the façade.

Pupils and staff will be led naturally along the façade of the new building via the gate in the new green fence, which shields the outdoor areas of the school from the public, and towards the main entrance, which is located directly next to the glass section around the large communal area. The design and layout of the outdoor area between the new and old school buildings, in the form of planting and fixtures, help direct the visitor towards the entrance area.

The new lower secondary school building has been planned with allocated classrooms, but other future models, such as classes which do not have their own allocated classroom, may also be tested. The group work areas located near the classrooms and the large, flexibly divided communal area allow for flexible teaching forms. These opportunities can be utilised to great advantage in connection with theme weeks, class collaborations and the like.

1 Existing framework
Marie Mørks Skole Diagram A
2 Mini campus
Marie Mørks Skole Diagram B
3 The new building
Marie Mørks Skole Diagram C
4 Road noise
Marie Mørks Skole Diagram D
5 Volume
Marie Mørks Skole Diagram E
6 Roof surfaces
Marie Mørks Skole Diagram F
7 Building
Marie Mørks Skole Diagram G
White box
White box

1. Existing situation
For several decades, a large part of the lower secondary school pupils’ classes have been taught in a wooden barracks, which had reached its expiry date.

2. Mini-campus
The school buildings are distributed on several title numbers separated by a major approach road. The lower secondary school pupils have their own home area on one side of the road in relation to the other areas of the school. An older school building containing technical classrooms can still be used and maintained.

3. The new building
As a first measure in connection with the new building, secondary rooms and staircase cores are located in a narrow, elongated volume along the Hammersholtvej road. This meets the local planning requirements for the height of the building, while also shielding road noise.

4. Road noise
The five classrooms are located in a cluster distributed on three floors, from 1st to 3rd. The location minimises challenges with road noise on the façade as well as distraction from passers-by in the busy intersection. Communal areas and group rooms are located between secondary rooms and classrooms and on the ground floor oriented towards the existing school building.

5. Volume
The distribution of the classrooms over three floors forms a volume that descends towards the existing school building and the intermediate outdoor area.

6. Roof surfaces
The roof surfaces exposed by the composition of the building are used for a roof terrace on the 3rd floor and roof garden on the 2nd floor, respectively. The façade communicates with the other school buildings via references in brick details and ornamentation, but deviates in the choice of façade stone colour. The choice of the lighter shade emphasises the modernity of the new building, giving it a contemporary look.

7. Building
The overall approach to the new lower secondary school house creates a modern building with markedly better teaching and recreational facilities than previously. The building-near outdoor areas are improved in the same process and benefit from the shielding effect of the house.

Marie Mørks Skole skabe
Marie Mørks Skole trappe

Room for immersion and social gatherings

Each classroom has an adjacent allocated group work area. This is furnished with seating niches, tables and some cabinets for storing teaching materials. The idea behind the area is that it can be used both for concentrated collaboration between two pupils – and for work in larger groups in connection with class division into groups. This requires both visual and acoustic shielding. The area must also be usable as a social venue outside classes.

A meeting room with a kitchenette will be fitted up on the first floor. Here, you can hold team meetings and conduct various conversations. The office of the head of the lower secondary school will be located centrally on the second floor. The staff can also use the communal areas for preparation, meeting activity and the like.

The third floor houses a single classroom with its own group work area and a few technical rooms. In addition, there is access from both staircases to the roof terrace, which occupies most of this floor.

Marie Mørk Skole