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Lundtofte Skole kulturcenter


Lundtofte School and Cultural Centre

There is an obvious need to make the school a more natural focal point in the local area. To give the school a place in the local community – not as an isolated entity, but as an integral part of the area.

Kongens Lyngby
New construction 631 m² | renovation 4.118 m² + outdoor areas
Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality
Lead consultant: outline proposal, project proposal, pre- / authority project and main project, tender, user involvement, ICT management, financial management, design, design management, professional supervision, construction management, environmental studies.
Capital expenditure
69 mio. kr.
| Sophus Søbye Arkitekter | Kragh & Berglund
Lundtofte Skole kulturcenter
Lundtofte Skole kulturcenter model
Lundtofte Skole kulturcenter model 2

Improved indoor climate and inspiring learning environment

Lundtofte Skole near Lyngby is a school characterised by a culture in which education, community, inclusiveness, well-being and commitment are the core values. The creative subjects are used to form and maintain a strong sense of community, and the newly built cultural centre underlines the school’s profile as a culture carrier in the local area.

A comprehensive overall renovation of the school must significantly lift the indoor climate, create a better flow between functions and provide both pupils and teachers with a more up-to-date and inspiring learning environment. Existing classrooms are expanded in the school’s wide hallway area – a solution that allows for differentiated teaching in the individual class and activation of unutilised space. In addition, each class is expanded with group rooms in open connection with the class, and learning bays are established in the façade.

In addition, the buildings will be changed and transformed to accommodate a local cultural and learning centre for clubs and associations, a microlibrary and modern school teaching facilities. Lundtofte Medborgerhus (community centre), Keramikværkstedet (ceramics workshop) and Klubben (youth recreation centre) are among the tenants that will move into the premises.

Lundtofte Skole kulturcenter opstalt
1 Existing framework
Lundtofte Skole kulturcenter diagram
2 Connect units
Lundtofte Skole kulturcenter diagram B
3 Adjust, divide and classify spaces
Lundtofte Skole kulturcenter diagram C
4 New Lundtofte School and Cultural Centre
Lundtofte Skole kulturcenter diagram D
5 Connection to existing buildings
Lundtofte Skole kulturcenter diagram E
6 Central scene
Lundtofte Skole kulturcenter diagram F
7 Flexibel room division
Lundtofte Skole kulturcenter diagram G
8 Living and active facade
Lundtofte Skole kulturcenter diagram H
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The cultural centre as a local hub

The cultural centre establishes a new continuous space across the schoolyard. The façade works with recognisable dimensions from the other school buildings, but also has its own expression with its large window sections that act as an open invitation to come inside. The flexible design and layout of the new cultural centre mean that it can accommodate both large events with many participants and several small or simultaneous events.

During the daytime, it will serve as the central meeting place for the school’s pupils and teachers, where there will be room for theatre, music, morning assembly and social events. When the pupils go home, the cultural centre opens its doors to guests and local citizens who are invited inside for events, concerts and experiences. This means that not only the school, but the whole area, will get a new building.

The outdoor areas will be upgraded with an outdoor stage, and be broken down into smaller pockets, new play opportunities and better arrival facilities at the school and cultural centre. The new cultural centre has been created based on a thorough user process with involvement of many committed citizens. KANT’s project is based on a programme of ideas with significant changes and will, when completed, be a focal point for the local area and act as a creative and active cultural centre, both during the day and in the evening.

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