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Lundehusskolen aula



Complete renovation of conservation-worthy school from 1943. The aim has been to retain existing qualities, while integrating new solutions into a unified design, as far as possible. Everything has been done with respect for the school’s historic architectural value.

Lersø Parkallé 152, København Ø
Københavns Kommune, ByK
12.000 m²
122 mio. kr.
TRUST: Enemærke & Petersen | Sweco Architects | Nøhr & Sigsgaard | Norconsult | DOMINIA | Lytt Architecture | Kragh & Berglund
Lundehusskolen aula
Lundehusskolen aula
Lundehusskolen gangareal

Respect for architectural qualities

A key focus during the complete renovation of the conservation-worthy Lundehus School from 1943 has been to retain and accentuate the architectural and material qualities inherent in the school, while improving air, light and acoustic conditions throughout.

The school has been upgraded to match contemporary learning principles and the change in student composition at the school – for example, through the addition of a new autism section in the existing gymnasium wing. Former classrooms and staff facilities have been refurnished to serve new functions. The existing courtyard, with old conservation-worthy trees, has been transformed and incorporated into an integrated inclusion area for the new autism section. The hallways have been exploited by adding built-in seating and activity niches. These can be used for group work or individual contemplation. The windows have also been recessed in alcoves that can be used as seating areas.

Lundehusskolen snit

Contemporary learning environment

The general vision has been to create a more integrated school, with a focus on strengthening the school’s direction – particularly in the special needs section – through interior design, new fixtures and flooring. The solutions help all school students have a better school day. There has been a strong focus during the renovation on creating a satisfactory indoor climate in terms of air, light and acoustics in the classrooms.

Following the renovation, Lundehus School has become a stimulating learning environment that encourages play and contemplation – including for children with special challenges. The new special needs section has taken into account the existing special needs area on the opposite side of the building, so the same materials have been used, making it feel familiar to the children. The special needs area contains elements for students in all age ranges.

Lundehusskolen gangareal
Lundehusskolen autismeafsnit
Lundehusskolen autismeafsnit
Lundehusskolen faglokale

A value-creating colour scheme

One special element of the renovation is the conscious and clear line taken in the colour scheme and in the choice of materials. These reinterpret and reactualise the original school architecture and accentuate functions, qualities and interrelationships. Visual artist Malene Bach has been involved in the project from the outset. Based on the colour scheme that characterised the period during which the school is built, a new colour palette has been developed that complements the colours of the original and preserved floors. The new palette has been used in the architecture and furnishings, with sensitivity and care.

The colours have a strong presence upon arrival in the school foyer, stairwells and hallways, and in the large aula around which the entire school is built. The colours are more subdued in other areas of the school where students need to be able to focus and concentrate – such as in classrooms and group rooms.

Lundehusskolen barn ved rød væg
Lundehusskolen aula
Lundehusskolen trædetalje
Lundehusskolen gangareal
Lundehusskolen gangareal
Lundehusskolen aula
Lundehusskolen trappegang
TRUST – trust-based cooperation

The project has been carried out via the TRUST strategic partnership with the City of Copenhagen – where architects, engineers, landscape architects and contractors have sat side by side and worked on the renovation project. The close interdisciplinary collaboration has optimised our processes and made us all take responsibility for the total project, and helped us find good solutions together.

There has been close cooperation with the users from the outset. This has allowed us to create the right solutions for the different areas of the school and meet the needs and wishes that apply in the special needs section. The good cooperation between the client, users, consultants and visual artist Malene Bach has resulted in the school being updated to meet contemporary needs, with respect for the existing architecture, where the colours and furnishings accentuate the spatial organisation.

Lundehusskolen aula