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Kunstnerkarreen facade



DGNB-certified housing with focus on indoor climate, daylight and attractive outdoor areas

Kunstnerkarréen is a new housing area in Copenhagen surrounded by the vast common Kalvebod Fælled. The project consists of townhouses and apartments comprising 95 individual homes.

Kunstnerkarreen tagareal
Kunstnerkarreens facade
9.100 m²
UN Sustainability Goals 3, 7, 11, 12 og 13

Certified for DGNB Gold

Kunstnerkarréen is constructed from quality materials, which results in low operating and maintenance costs for the residents. This is also one of the reasons why the project has been certified for DGNB Gold. The certification is given based on the team’s work with the indoor climate in the housing project – today, the residents in Kunstnerkarreen have documented, healthy homes with high air quality, where the indoor climate and building materials meet some of the highest demands in relation to degassing and environmentally harmful substances.

At Kunstnerkarréen, there has been a great focus on optimal daylight conditions and on the private outdoor areas, where all homes have private terraces, front yards or balconies. Centrally located, the residents will be able to meet at the common outdoor areas, which are designed with facilities for different ages and user groups.

Kunstnerkarréen contains various types of housing – in example big family houses with five rooms and apartments of different sizes, which will attract both couples, singles, smaller families with children, young people and seniors. The goal is to create a diverse residential area characterized by diversity. The different types of housing also allow several generations in a family to live in separate homes – yet in the same neighbourhood.

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