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Kongegården indenfor



A diverse and detailed brick complex

Kongegården is a new residential area located as a small oasis near Silkeborg city centre – yet the area retains the nearness qualities of residential suburbs.

Kongegården mur
AAB Silkeborg | Jørgen Friis Poulsen A/S
15.000 m²

Kongegården – a new residential area in Silkeborg

Kongegården consists of both blocks of flats for social housing and private terraced houses in a new residential area located near Silkeborg. In addition to the new dwellings in the area, the existing industrial building on the site is preserved and converted into a grocery store on the ground floor and dwellings of two floors above the store.

Kongegården is built in 3-4 floors as small ‘blocks’ with built-in displacements both in the plane and in the section, creating a vibrant and varied building body. The buildings are constructed in bricks of different nuances, and relief in the brickwork and balconies of different sizes create diversity and fine detailing in the brick complex.

Two floors with saddle roof

The outdoor areas between the buildings are generally reserved for pedestrians and cyclists, so that safe outdoor areas are created for the benefit of users of all ages.

Two-floor terraced houses with saddle roof are also constructed on the site and function as an interpretation and reflection of the scale on the opposite side of the street. The houses are constructed so that both homogeneity and diversity are created in the building stock. Towards Valdemarsgade, small gardens are created with midday and evening sun.