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Kirkebjerg Skole


Kirkebjerg School

Renovation with respect for history.

Kirkebjerg School was built in 1943 as a facility consisting of a distinctive main building with classrooms and a three floor hall flanked by long buildings in resp. one and two floors.

The school has been expanded several times – in 1970, 1992, 1997, 2001 and 2003. The original buildings from 1943 are categorized in conservation value class 3. Our complete renovation and adaptation of the functions therefore takes place with respect for the school’s original qualities.

Copenhagen Municipality
7.700 m² + 1.500 m² outdoor area
programming, sketching, user process, design management, design, professional supervision and construction management
50 mio. kr.
EKJ Rådgivende Ingeniører | Hugo Svaneeng A/S
Kirkebjerg Skole aula
Kirkebjerg Skole aula
Kirkebjerg Skole aula

A school in motion

The school, which is worthy of preservation, has been lovingly renovated. At the same time, the auditorium and corridors for accommodation and group teaching are activated. The complete renovation of Kirkebjerg School includes renovations, restoration (interior and exterior surfaces), modernization (pedagogy / primary school reform), energy renovation, climate adaptation, indoor climate and accessibility.

During the entire rebuilding and complete renovation, Kirkebjerg School has been in full operation. This has been possible via a stage division of the execution. The stage division rests on a castling plan that entails as little intervention in the school’s everyday life as possible. At the same time, it has been a prerequisite in the execution of the project that safety for children and adults is paramount.

Kirkebjerg Skole


To ensure the school’s use value in relation to contemporary pedagogical principles, the auditorium and the wide corridors around the auditorium are activated with fixed furniture for stays and group teaching. The many fine details of the existing architecture have been preserved and interpreted further. As acoustic control, wooden panels have been made with perforations, the density and size of which increase the higher you get from ‘arrow finger height’. The pedagogical work is supported with room furniture that provides space for immersion and the opportunity to carry out differentiated teaching.

The room furniture is also made with acoustic-regulating panels with space and tranquility for immersion and the opportunity for the individual to withdraw a little from the large community. The room furniture contains lockers for the students. The niches have built-in lighting and sockets, so tablets and laptops can be charged easily.

Kirkebjerg Skole aula
Kirkebjerg Skole aula
Kirkebjerg Skole aula
Kirkebjerg Skole faglokale
Specialist rooms and basic rooms

Kirkebjerg School’s specialist rooms and basic rooms have been restored with new surfaces and new fixtures and fittings. New rooms have been created for home economics, visual arts, science and crafts & design. The visual arts room is located in a former gymnasium, where there is now a bright, double-height visual arts room and two workshop rooms – on the ground floor and on the 1st floor.

The color scheme is gentle and warm at the same time – from the deep wooden sound of the auditorium to the soft and calm sea tones of the classrooms – green shades in the subject rooms and bluish in the basic rooms. The dark floor color is preserved by renovating the original floors in cast asphalt, which are both robust and whose fine texture provides a vibrant floor surface. Basic rooms, specialist rooms and a sports hall with new changing rooms appear beautiful, clean – and well worth taking care of.

Kirkebjerg Skole faglokale
Kirkebjerg Skole klasselokale
Kirkebjerg Skole faglokale
Kirkebjerg Skole faglokale
Kirkebjerg Skole trappe
Kirkebjerg Skoles solskærm
Sun protection

New windows have contributed to the energy renovation of Kirkebjerg School. Operating economy is improved. In order to maintain a good indoor climate, we have established sun protection in frames of anodised aluminum that respect and play up against the façade worthy of preservation.

Kirkebjerg Skol udeareal