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Guldborgsund Municipality


Soil movements with a quick and easy overview

Municipalities in Denmark are responsible for ensuring that contaminated soil is placed where it cannot harm people or the environment. Citizens and professionals alike who work with soil need to be aware that soil movements must be reported to the local municipality in some cases. This applies to large construction companies that move many tonnes of soil, but also to private citizens who need to dispose of soil excavated from their own gardens. Sweco has developed the Jordweb IT solution for this purpose.

JordWeb is a tool that helps municipalities keep track of all soil that is relocated by citizens, companies and authorities. JordWeb gives municipalities an easy and quick overview of soil lots – from the excavation site to the given reception facility. JordWeb is also a tool that helps municipalities better care for our shared environment and resources.

Guldborgsund Municipality
Guldborgsund Municipality
Standard IT solution – JordWeb

JordWeb in Guldborgsund Municipality

Sweco supplied JordWeb to Guldborgsund Municipality for the efficient and targeted handling of the municipality’s soil movement reporting. Users can find relevant information related to the movement of soil on the JordWeb website.

Guldborgsund Municipality uses JordWeb for specific soil movement reporting within the municipality, and for incoming soil movements directed by other municipalities. An earth embankment has recently been established in the municipality, which is receiving large volumes of soil. Reports on movements to the embankment can be shared with the municipality via JordWeb, so they always have an overview of the soil lots being moved there.

“JordWeb is a great tool for communication and providing a quick overview. We are very satisfied with both the product and service,” says Thomas Jørgensen, Centre for Engineering and the Environment, Guldborgsund Municipality. 

Guldborgsund Municipality is just one of 68 municipalities that use JordWeb for handling soil movement reporting.