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Israels Plads


Israels Plads

A living breathing space in central Copenhagen

Israels Plads is a cohesive urban space located in inner Copenhagen. The square is a living urban breathing space, protected from traffic that connects the square, square and park. of a floating granite floor with folds in the corners of the square – the folds function as sitting stairs, and are at the same time a historical reference to the original ramparts.


Israels Plads skaterbane
Israels Plads siddepladser
Municipality of Copenhagen
Architectural cinsultancy / Landscape / Urban Planning
8.400 m2

A cohesive urban space in inner Copenhagen

The new space lies like a raised granite floor, and shoots into H.C. Ørstedsparken. The green character of the park is drawn up on the square in the form of solitary scattered trees. Two folds in the covering surface of the plate function as seating and living stands.

Along the block buildings around the square, the streets are laid with traditional cobblestone pavement – worn, recycled cobblestones of Nordic origin – which are found everywhere in the streets of Copenhagen. As a beautiful and historically conditioned reference, they will establish a connection to the rest of the city, and serve as transit for e.g. cyclists and goods delivery.

Space for everyday life and activities

The site will accommodate Copenhageners’ everyday life, and therefore offers many activity and development opportunities, including a ball field and play zones in addition to the living areas. Three schools in the area have an agreement on the use of the space for the schoolyard, including the N. Zahle School.