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Transformation of an entire building in inner Copenhagen

Irmakarréen is located in an old residential and small-industrial area. The project consists of a renovation and revitalization of a square in inner Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

Realised, 2015
Saxo Properties
22.000 m²
Irma-karreen facadedetalje
Irma-karreen Gran Torino
Irma-karreen Gran Torino og cykelbud

Street life and well-being

The renovation has given new street life and well-being to inner Nørrebro and an address for a range of new restaurants, cafés and small businesses. The result of the renovation and rethinking of the Irma square has been a character boost of the historic buildings, and of the area around the square. Parts of the old square date back to 1871 and it was from here that the supermarket chain Irma started.

The industrial expression is partly preserved in the square’s inner courtyards, and the premises on the ground floor have been converted into businesses – into restaurants, cafés, IT companies as well as galleries and workshops. All apartments – a total of approximately 3,000 sqm – are completely-renovated.

Life and history have been key words in the project. It has been a prerequisite throughout the project to maintain respect for the history of construction and the character of the urban farms, while adding contemporary qualities.

Prior to the renovation work, there has been an extensive dialogue with the authorities, to find the right solution for the city, local area and client. Together with the client and the municipality, the design studio has put its heads down to ensure that residents and businesses do not have to be disadvantaged than before, and to do without, for example, parking spaces. The result is that the square has been optimized so that it can handle the newly acquired professions and the accompanying loads.

Irma-karreen gårdmiljø fodgængerovergang